I refuse to be let down, stomped on and mistaken

Regretting every decision, standing here shaking

They can take away my weapon, but I’m still made of steel

I truly give the people, something they can feel

They say they don’t like you but they steadily keep smiling

Secretly they bite you, ‘cause they know you be stylin’

With they faces screwed up they try not to speak

Although they ugly on the outside, you know its skin deep

I love it when they mad, ‘cause it means that I’m good

They hate me because I’m doing all the things they should

When they try to antagonize, they just giving more fuel

My haters are my vehicles that I built with no tools

I’m not going to be subtle, that don’t run in my veins

I’ve been through too much shit, too many heartache and pains

God gave me another chance, so I’m gonna do it again

I’m here to make a difference, with or without friends

I got my stilettos, I’m pumped up and ready

I’m fixin to win, but not slow and steady

I’m gonna breeze past these folks, like a supped up new Chevy

Wit’ a championship title, ‘cause my class is so heavy

They’ll knock and try to rob you, but it’s you that has the power

When you looking your best, it’s the haters that sour

I love that puke face, I laugh and just walk

They mad cause I follow through, not just talk the talk

I’m not the background, I don’t ride the bench

They all say look at that chick, that diva-fied wench

I’m the one to know, I can make them believe

This is the I’esha show, more tricks up my sleeve

They came to see me, my names on marquees

You can’t spell celebrity without an I and an E

Damn, I can’t help it, I’m even jealous of myself

For far too long, I put my shit on the shelf

Well not no more, there is a brand new I’esha

The one and only GapToothDiva


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