Only an unjust world would keep two hearts from uniting

And it’s too strong of a feeling to deny and not keep fighting

I’m reminded of your love more times than I can calculate

So until our times comes, I will just patiently wait

Your touch is what I feel when his arms close in on my soul

Tortured by my circumstance, I some how lose control

I want to confess what my heart speaks to me consistently

Every time you proclaim your desire for another that isn’t me

It’s not fair that my desires would be painstaking greed

To want you and to keep him, when in reality you both could leave

I’m torn

Into the darkness of secrets and lies

A loneliness that can only be described, as an affair of the heart

Loving two

I’m torn

–         Topsie KretsDiva© 2010

1 Comment

  1. you never leave the one you love for the one you like…because the one you like will leave you for the one they love…but what if the one they love…just happens to be you???

    Heaven only knows…but there is only one way to find out


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