I was not raised in the church like many people. My parents didn’t go to church every Sunday and attend bible study on every Wednesday or Tuesday or Friday. I was introduced to the bible at sixteen by my boyfriend (now my husband), it was then I really started to study on my religion and my spirituality. I know I’m not perfect and I do have my own relationship with my Creator. I pray and I fellowship, maybe not as much as the next person but that is neither here nor there. My relationship with the Lord is and has always been my business, no one else’s.

            Attending church every single Sunday doesn’t make you more Christian then the next person, just like attending the garage doesn’t make you a car. Everyone has their own special way of practicing their beliefs and focusing on their spiritual nourishment. We praise God and we pray to him in many different ways, and a lot of people should learn to accept that. I’m in no way bashing the house of the Lord; because of course you need that education, and that institution of togetherness. Of course you need to learn about the bible, its story, about God and Jesus, but learn the way you feel most comfortable. Building a relationship with the Lord and your savior is about “what is the best way, you can receive the message.”

            I know way too many people who live life as if they don’t know about sin, sex, promiscuity, drugs, hate, pain, wrath, theft and then on Sunday, come to church bible in hand ready to praise Jesus. Fine. I don’t judge them. However, I’m not going to tolerate them casting their crooked fingers at me about a curse word here or there. Anyone who truly believes that they are in the Word and understand what the bible is saying shouldn’t be so quick to knock someone down about the way they dress, talk, about tattoos, or they’re present situation, unless they can prove that they have a streak free existence on this earth. I believe this is the reason why so people avoid the church in the first place, because you are there to get a message and you see ten people whispering about your tattoo or your unique haircut.

            I’m am in no way advocating not getting a better understanding about God and going to church , we all need to read and learn about the awesomeness of God on our own and in our way. However, if someone points a judgmental finger at you about how you look, what you say, or what you doing, don’t snap and go off on them. Always consider the source! If you experience people staring and whispering in church, remember you came for one purpose and one purpose only… to build something with the Lord. Pretend you are the only one in the room and get your praise on, don’t focus on anyone else. You have to remember that if they truly were in the Word, they would already know what they are doing is wrong.

            I see it all the time and it hurts me how flaky some people can be when it comes to this issue. No you don’t have to wear your cross on your chest if you don’t want to. Yes, you can enjoy a drink or dance the night away once in while. But what drives me crazy is the people who say that you are automatically going to hell based on their own reasoning. No one knows where anyone is going just by looking at them, talking to them, or being in their presence unless you are the angel sent to take them away.

Stop it people, only God can judge me.

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