On Saturday at 12pm, I want to welcome you to the Hangover…


The GaptoothDiva cracks up with the funny and talent trio from Richmond, Virginia, the 5yveFootaz. They will discuss how they started in the rap game and how working together keeps them at their best. Based on th last time I talked to these fools, be prepared for some laughs.

The group started out writing and recording in the basement of Banditville under the label of VaRioTeam, which was the label that they were under at the time. After recording their first album at Banditville with the Young City Bandits in 2001, the group then called Extreme Caution, was forced to break up due to the incarceration of Oh! After a 7 year lapse, Extreme Caution advanced to Da 5yve Footaz adopting a new member. During that 7 year period of not recording as a group, Jus B. Chill continued writing and recording in honor of Oh!, keeping it trill. Da 5yve Footaz are now affiliates of Divine Sonz and its movement. They are now a part of that same movement, Charged Up Ent. Da 5yve Footaz have been a group since July of 2009 and the group consists of Jus B. Chill, Oh! aka U.D.K. and new member Young Yankee. They are all under 6 feet, hence the name. Jus B. Chill and Oh! are the two original members who have been rapping together since they were teenagers. Young Yankee, the youngest member of the group, also produces tracks for the group. Together they have written over 50 songs. They bring a mixture of that VA and New York swagger. With their dedication, enthusiasm, love for music and love for entertaining, this group is sure to be around for a long time. They now share the same dream as Charged Up Ent.

Email the group at Mario.White@yahoo.com


To comment or ask the guys from 5yveFootaz questions LIVE:

Date / Time: 4/24/2010 12:00 PM

Call-in Number: (646) 378-0442

Click on the GaptoothDivaRadio Link to your right or go to:


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