Boonie’s birthday was coming close and I needed to come up with some ideas for his spectacular celebration. I considered all the things he had been through for the past couple of months and wanted to show just how appreciative I was. He’s a man, he likes most things that any man in his age group, social network, and demographic would like. I didn’t want to be selfish in any way, when I considered what kind of party he should have, but I did want to have a good time as well.

            This may sound weird to some or just too taboo to other’s, but I’m confident in my relationship enough to allow my husband the opportunity to enjoy entertainment that average women would feel threatened by. I’m talking about strippers, if you haven’t figured it out. I like female strippers and we sometimes attend strip clubs on the weekend.

            Nights when events are limited and we both have a hole burning in our pockets in search of something fun to do, we will pop up in any local strip club for drinks, a pool game, and some bouncing booties and breast. I have even been guilty of a lap dance or two for him, myself, or both. I’m not ashamed, and I can honestly say that things like this have kept our relationship interesting for over eleven years. So when it came time to throw my own birthday bash for my dear Boonie, it was no question I was having some butt naked performers coming through. I added a tattoo artist, food and unlimited alcohol to the mix, with the hopes that the party would be as off the chain as my imagination had invented.

            The event was a surprise to him; he knew nothing of the performers, tattoo artist, or the unlimited bar for the guest. His assumptions were that he was just having a few friends over to play Madden and cards. I was so excited to see his facial expression when he saw the big bootie dancers come thru, ready to make it clap for him and our entire guest list. I invited everyone that I knew he dealt with, people from my job, and even a couple of family members to come enjoy the show with us. Of course, I got some strange looks in regards to if I’m cool with my husband being around other females, especially naked ones. The answer to that was simple, yes! I’m never concerned with the fact of if he’ll look at a naked woman or watch her dance seductively. Why wouldn’t he, he’s a man. If I feared cheating or any inappropriate behavior, then he probably shouldn’t be my dude.

However, the looks I got about being cool with female strippers and not providing any male strippers for the female guest warranted some questions about my sexuality. It was no longer about my husband’s birthday party, but more about if I’m gay, are we swingers, or what. I don’t want to pacify the situation by providing any generic answers, nor will I lie about anything. I find some women just as attractive and sexually appealing as most women find men. I’m grown enough to admit that some women are beautiful and that under certain circumstances I have been guilty of checking out some asses, thighs, legs, and breast. Would I sleep with a chick? That’s between me and that particular chick. Does Boonie know? Why wouldn’t he, he’s not just my husband but my best friend, so he would be the first to know. We are not swingers at all and don’t go out patrolling for a third person to invite into our bedroom. He is just aware of the type of person I would be if we some how did not make it to “‘til death do us part”, and that is ok with him. I’m not going to say our relationship is perfect, but insecurities or uncertainties of infidelity are not issues for us. J

The party turned out great. Bottles were popping, the tat artist was killing a massive creation on Boonie’s chest, something he wanted for months and everyone was satisfied. The performers came in and did their thing, tricks and everything included, providing a story for everyone there that would last for about three weeks. We still managed to have a couple of bottles left with alcohol still in them and no one wanted to stop drinking. I couldn’t get people out the crib until about five in the morning, two hours before Boonie had to go in for an unexpected weekend shift. I was tired but very content to have been able to give him a birthday party he could remember. I was even happier that I was true to our relationship and myself the whole time. I could have spent the extra ends on some male strippers for the six chicks who showed up with their man to monitor the situation, but for what? I wouldn’t want to pose as something I’m not for the sake of other chicks not catching wind of the truth. They either except it or not, be my friend or not, at the end of the day Boonie is happy with the chick he married and happy with my lifestyle. He doesn’t cross lines and ask me to do anything that is not about us, and I don’t disrespect him. His birthday party was sort of my outlet to allow people not only in our home but also in our circle, and everyone had so much fun they didn’t even think twice about it. Guest at the party still joke about me making it rain on the dancers or slapping cheeks, all over the laughter and amazement of my husband. I’m confident now that by being myself and keeping it real, even about my marriage, I will only have people around me who accept me for me. I guess this party solidified what we already knew… this is us.

This is just a sneak peak… sorry you just had to be there

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