I was going through the something the couple of months I’ve been away. Doubting myself, doubting my relationships with other’s and questioning my purpose here on earth. I’m not going to get into why or whatever, but the craziest thing happened to end it all. Someone told me I looked like I hadn’t prayed in a while, said my face looked like a person who needed to talk to God. I realized that they were right, but made the excuse so many people make when they kind of half pray and half talk to themselves. I said I do, I just don’t think I’m saying the right things, and maybe I’m not doing it at the right time, etc. The person looked me in the face and said, you need to talk to God as if he’s your best friend, your man, your mother, your sister, yourself. They urged, talk to the Lord as if he already know and you just need to vent. Say what you need to, let it out, just don’t curse AT the Lord and you’ll be fine. I thought about it all day. When I got in my car that evening at the end of the long work day, I sat in my car ready to talk. I started the engine and pulled out the lot, turning the radio off I prepared to let it all out on the way to picking up my son. I cried, I laughed, I yelled, I sang, and I screamed. I praised him, I asked questions, and I vented out all my problems. I felt great! When I got out the car, I had an energy you wouldn’t believe. I felt lighter, I felt more calm, I felt rejuvenated just from a conversation with God. I felt listened to, comforted, and I was ok. I understand now, when people say just pray on it. It makes sense to me and makes me feel like friends, people, associates, are all take it or leave it. I asked God to find me some time the next day to do it again, and allow it to be just me and him for a little while. It was the same time the next day, I remembered to do it again and I enjoyed the conversation just the same.

The first thing I say is Thank You Lord for this chance for us to talk….


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