… Selfishness

They say everyone is born with some level of selfishness. We come out of the wound with no intentions but to get what we want, and get that want as soon as humanely possible. Our needs are to be met or anyone within a ten foot radius will hear our screams of anger, neglect, and anxiety. The most confusing part of life to me is…. when does it stop?

When do people stop caring about themselves for a second and think about those that love them the most? When do people give back to the ones that have catered to them forever, without looking for yet another handout or miracle?

I’ve been through so much in my life with family, friends, and stranger’s selfish motives and intentions, and even a great deal of my own that I often wonder, can we even stop?

This confusion would always keep me fearing new relationships and afraid of embarking on new venture for fear of yet another heartbreak, ruined friendship, or severe rejection. I can’t live like that. I chose to accept that old saying into my life “reason, season, and life time” and vowed to learn something from every place, person , or thing that I encounter. There is no need to be confused about whether or not life is going to show me something new or teach me something wonderful. Other people’s selfishness is an inevitable flaw in life that you will never be able to escape, but with prayer and patience, I’m learning to deal with it in a far less dramatic way.

I’ve been great these past couple of days, knowing who I can talk to about it all…God. I’ve been less stressed and way more blessed because of my new friendship with the One who started it all.

My challange to you is…

Once a week, do something completely, totally, utterly selfless for a complete STRANGER!

I say a stranger, because there is no guarantee it will be reciprocated or returned. Do something for someone where you have no way of gaining anything from the experience. Just see how great you feel and just how blessed you will be in the long run.

Maybe life won’t seem so confusing 🙂

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