Revelationz@Sunset is a movement, founded on December 31,2009 on the basis of creating an atmosphere for mature adults.  Those who enjoy live entertainment and networking in a relaxed atmosphere.  The motivation behind this project was developed as an outlet for performers to not only entertain but also perfect their craft and be compensated.  About 84% of new artists pay to showcase their talent in their hometown.  Revelationz@Sunset will give you as a performer the tools you will need to promote yourself as an artist and will intern build your fan base.

Beginning at POSH Richmond and progressing to Harlem Cafe, Revelationz@Sunset has proved to be one of the only venues in the Cap City catering to their performers and not the other way around. Through marketing, promotion, support, and development – the team of Revelationz@Sunset turn would be artist and up and coming phenoms into much more than popular names in the industry, They turn them into a family.

Headed by De’Angela Anthony of Blakk Box Inc. and hosted by I’esha Hornes the GaptoothDiva of GaptoothDiva Radio/GaptoothDivaTV, Revelationz@Sunset discusses the importance of support in the industry, the need for other promoters and marketers to look beyond the bottom line, and the ambition to bring Richmond together one note at a time.

Every Third Sunday

Doors Open at 3pm, Show starts at 5pm

$8.00 a Ticket  Ages 21+

Chic and Casual Attire

Harlem Cafe – 207 W. Broad Richmond Virginia

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