Due to my recent decision to rock my natural locks for a while and still maintain DIVA status, I’ve been getting many questions about my confidence level and how I’m holding up.

First of all, I wasn’t in some horrific accident that left me deformed and mangled. I just took the weave out! Damn, is it that bad? Don’t answer that because I don’t really care.

I wanted to have segment where I asked people about their opinions on their own body image and how they perceive women with different characteristics than themselves. I want to know is all the “accepting my flaws and just being me” a hype or are women really down for the cause, and if so do they apply those same policies towards other women?

I will also be interviewing the owner, Ms. Sharon Davis about her journey into the hair care industry and  tips on how to maintain the beauty that is me. lol 🙂

Broadcasting LIVE from  one of Richmond’s most creative hair salons, Shardee’s Hair Studio & Spa, the GaptoothDiva will spark up the conversation and the inspiration.

Shardee’s Hair Studio & Spa

4501 Williamsburg Road

 Richmond, VA 23231-2748

Call-in Number: (646) 378-0442

or go to:



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