The interview you missed from August is now tonight, you don’t want to miss this!

GaptoothDiva talks music, art, and being successful with Rapper, Song Writer, and Actor D. O.E. The Paperboy. The Diva will ask question regarding coming up in the industry and how he plans to set himself apart from other artist in the game.

The dynamic contrast between ..D.O.E… and his character counterpoint ..The Paperboy.. highlight the ironies of the everyday struggle concerning self respect achieved through personal enlightenment verses the respect one feels from ones peers on a more material and superficial level; an eternal struggle faced by many of today’s youth/young people, as well as the very struggle that Hip-Hop music itself faces as of lately. D.O.E. addresses these issues in songs such as: ..All of My Life,.. ..Trapped in The Game (Vol. 1 and 2),.. and ..Children of The Ghetto,.. where as ..The Paperboy.. hypes the crowd and livens up the party with banging hits that have mainstream appeal, such as ..Swagga,.. ..Throw Them V..s Up (Anthem of Virginia).. and ..How We Do. These songs have grown popular all over the world due to the enormous success of D.O.E…s ..Exclusiv Mix-Tape.. series (Vol.1 and 2), and his notorious ..Myspace.. fame (; of which D.O.E. currently has over 80,000 loyal viewers and over half a million spins world wide. D.O.E. is a lively entertainer and has veteran experience performing in front of diverse live audiences of all sizes, and has performed in just about every type of venue there is, ranging from dance-halls, mics,.. clubs, and large stadiums (most notably Virginia Commonwealth University‘s Siegel Center  in 2007, and Virginia State University‘s Rogers Stadium, in 2005). The range of D.O.E’s talents are as wide as his reach. These talents include everything from being a Hip-Hop Lyricist and Recording Artist, to R.& B. Songwriter, to even being a Supporting Actor in a local independent film. This range of talent exemplifies his self motivated determination to expand on his artistic abilities and his drive to promote these abilities and himself in as many markets as possible ;which makes him a very valuable asset to any wide-body entertainment establishment. If hip hop is in fact ..dead,.. or at least comatose, due to fake MCs ..emcees.., or lack of substance in lyrical content, or just simply, plain old microphone abuse, ..D.O.E… a.k.a ..The Paperboy.. and V.A.S.K. (Vision. Ambition. Strength. Knowledge) Music is the remedy

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