We here at GaptoothDiva always advocate for those who choose to work with what they got without the assistance of medical surgery, and we also do not spew negativity towards those who refuse to do so. However, with so many well-known celebrity females opting to enhance their figures with surgery, and the new sprout of groupies turned celebrities based off surgical add-ons, we can’t help but wonder if VA is on this crazy epidemic or have we chosen to be much more appreciative of our sizes? The GaptoothDiva asked a few people and wants to get one of our favorite rap groups in on the conversation tonight. Check out the bio from Fam Thick and be sure to tune in tonight for 100% WTFs and OMGs.

Fam Thick will be promoting their new music on the show and you can also check them out at the following Show Dates:

9/25: Performing at the Landmark Theater with Travis Porter

9/30: Performing with Noah O. at The Camel, 1621 West Broad Street, Richmond, from 9 – 2 am

10/30: Meechie and Crystal’s Halloween Party at the Red Room, 404 Westover Blvd. Richmond, VA 23225, from 10 – 2 am


 FAM THICK is the one of the most diverse, energetic and exciting Southern hip hop groups to have picked up a microphone in the last few years, but of course, that’s only one man’s opinion. With what’s been described as an “accidental” meeting and forming of the group for, (photo’d from L to R), Slim daLt., Big Shay and Skrilla has certainly paid dividends and seems to be exactly what their hometown of Richmond, Virginia has been missing, an avenue into the mainstream. Recording, performing and entertaining is what these three very different individuals do and has been the bridge that has gapped and sealed the deal for fans all along the East Coast; that Fam Thick is a “problem” that they don’t mind, and would much rather prefer, going unsolved…


Call-in Number: (646) 378-0442

or go to:


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