I had a great time at this year’s 2nd Street Festival before all the shooting and hoopla, but a big thanks goes out to venturerichmond.com for continuing to provide the city’s residents with something for everyone. I love the artwork by local artist and of course everyone’s favorite, the yummy food up and down the street. My waist line hates you, but I guess it’s going to have to take a backseat, because I’m definitely coming back next year.

Here are some of the chic folks that stood out to me as I prowled the Jackson Ward event.

It’s nothing like a man who can wear his suit and tie walking down 2nd Street that screams artist, musician, or maybe just a quiet poet in need of his muse. Ok, ladies, he’s got locks, smooth skin and wears his pants on his ass, what more do you need? I love the classic look, bro. 1 point for the old skool team.

Girlfriend, give me your man (just for a shopping trip). I was shocked to see this bold couple out and about mostly because it was the guy’s outfit that caught my attention first. That’s a first! I love Ms. Lady’s peep toe boots, but most of all I’m feeling the vest and hat combo on Mr. Fab.  These two were almost too fierce for the block.

I’m too old for toys ( at least some of them anyway. lol), but I was brought back to childhood when Ms. Thang walked past wearing the cutest outfit. For all you tweens at heart, take note. This Diva knows about individuality. Great job, hun!

Style is a state of mind and these two have got their heads on straight. Fresh out of college these two girls reflect creativity and style with their unique choices. I love the girl on the left’s natural  hair ( my summer time fave), but the girl on the right has got my boots on for real, or at least I plan to make them mine. I love them!

The great thing about fall is that you can take all the sunshine out of the sky and put it into your highlights. Ok, so that was corny, but what isn’t is this girls hair cut and makeup job. Although it was cloudy at some points on Sunday, this chick was able to maintain that summer glow through her beautiful honey blonde streaks and minimal makeup. I thought she looked like Raven Simone, but that’s just me.

This season is all about bold lips and eyes. This chick has got both. She threw in the vintage tee and some cool sneakers and she has got an outfit for chillin’ and watching art. I love her look , she’s the epitome of an individual with her curly natural hair and bangles, you go sister!

I loved this girl’s outfit so much, I literally ran across the street to get a pick of her. I love how she mixed textures with the black & white skirt, yellow shirt, and washed denim jacket. The necklaces made it a statement. Why don’t more people be as daring? I’m impressed. She is GaptoothDiva Approved as my favorite for the weekend. Young fashion innovators on the rise people, take notes.

Everyone should know the famous VA rapper Tamir Rock, but as you can see he even rolls to 2nd Street with style by his side. Accompanied by his brothers and sister, the group takes unique & creative out of the music studio and into their wardrobe. I initially stopped his sister, but after talking with the group for a minute, I saw more fashion finds than enough. After I took their pic, it was a wrap. They officially shut it down for clear hiphop style on the block.

Here are some pics of my favorite 2nd Street finds.

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    1. No problem. We always look to support & promote those with individual and creative style. Thanks for being you.

      Follow @Gaptoothdiva on Twitter for more updates and commentary.


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