GaptoothDiva gets it in with rap phenom and lyrical professional Joshua Reed aka Freeze, one of Richmond’s hottest MC‘s from Charged Up Ent.  His charismatic persona and well thought out delivery puts him at the top of most list of hot up and coming artist in Richmond, Virginia.

We will ask questions about persevering in your craft, how to hustle hard and ignore nay-sayers, and how to earn the respect of your peers while trying to pursue the top spot.

In 1992, Joshua’s family moved to Denver, CO, opening his eyes to a world of gritty street life, gangs and “the grind.” The appeal of the streets called and Joshua answered Freeze was born. After threes years of Colorado life, Freeze moved back to a middle class suburb in Richmond, but the influence of the streets stayed with him. Graduating high school with a 3.2 GPA was matched by his graduation in the criminal underworld; from petty crimes to nickel bags, and eventually large quantities of hard narcotics. A 2002 acceptance to V.A. Tech was quickly put to halt with his first drug arrest. Linking up with fellow Tech dropout and M.C. Renazance, Freeze recorded his first album Freezer Burn. After selling 1000 units, Freeze began working on his next project. Tha Introduction, a mix-tape with many local artists, generated a buzz amongst the underground Tri cities area. With upgrades to his personal recording set up, he continued to record music and perform at area shows, planning to drop his second album A Cold Night late 2006. Along with help from Vellians consulting agency, Freeze achieved wide success with his single “Mistress”, getting added to many radio station rotations and interviewed in two national magazines (The Connex List, Right On). On November 21st, 2006, at the pinnacle of his rapping endeavors, Freeze was indicted on five counts of felony possession and distribution to with cocaine. Sentenced to 25 years with 23 ½ suspended, he spent his time incarcerated finding himself and his God. February 19th, 2008, Freeze was released with a newfound retrospect and outlook on life. Hopping right back into the local music scene, alongside Charged Up Ent., Freeze has solidified himself as a heavy hitter in Richmond, VA.

The Diva will dig deep into the mind of the one of the Cap City’s hardest working lyricist LIVE!

Tonight @ 9pm

Tune In LIVE

Call in LIVE Questions or Comments

(646) 378-0442

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