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How many of us remember our first sexual experience, whether good or bad, and think about specific moments we would either change or do again if we could? A first time sexual experience is a momentous occasions in life, but should be taken seriously due to risk of disease and/or pregnancy. If provided the opportunity to counsel a person who is considering losing their virginity, what would you say? People of all ages are interested in how others tackled their first time and how it made them feel physically and emotionally. Many people don’t realize that whether your first time was beautiful, awkward, horrible, or sad, you can mentor someone, and help them avoid some of the mistakes made by so many others. GaptoothDiva talks with the Authors of The Virgin Diaries, discussing how this book could be utilized as a tool to bring some comfort to anyone’s first time.

Hundreds of years of collective experience answer the questions every virgin has. THE VIRGIN DIARIES is a book about sex that really isn’t about sex at all. Rather, it’s about the feelings associated with that first time: wondering about it, worrying about it, the expectations, the surprises and the disappointments. Within these pages are the recollections of seventy-two people, young and old, gay and straight, who responded to the call for answers. This candid collection of stories provides a unique opportunity to be a fly on the wall. There is no commentary. The stories stand on their own, allowing the reader to form his or her own conclusions. Whether you are a virgin and desire to make an informed decision, a parent faced with “the talk” or are interested in reading detailed accounts of one of life’s most personal experiences, THE VIRGIN DIARIES offers confidential insights and illustrates the commonalities we all share: our hopes, dreams, fears and insecurities. It shows that we are all human and therefore, all connected.

Kimberley A. Johnson and Ann Werner are a mother/daughter writing team. Both women worked on the popular daytime drama Days of Our Lives for over seven years. In 2004, Kimberley came up with the idea for The Virgin Diaries and over a period of time, Ann came on board.

Ann writes fiction and has book out titled The People Next Door.

Both women started the company Ark Stories to continue making books written by John and Jane Q. Public, exploring the human experience. The Virgin Diaries was created originally for virgins to make informed decisions about sex as well as for parents who want to help educate their kids. The pair have been pleasantly surprised to find that men and women forty-five and up are really connecting to the stories.

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