Kelly Collins, author, psychic-medium, consultant, musician, artist, writer, teacher, Reiki master, spiritual life coach. First, above all else, she is a very spiritual person. She believes in the pursuit of truth and a true relationship with the Divine. She believes in allowing the fullness of the Divine to work within her life and not be bound by traditional roadblocks.

When we work to have a direct connection to the Divine every day, we enhance our lives so that anything is possible. We manifest things in our lives, good and bad, and we have the power to determine what those manifestations will be by what we focus on in life.  As a psychic-medium, She is the co-host of an internet radio talk show called, The Awakening.  While they do readings on the show, they work to help their listeners have a deeper sense of their spiritual selves. 

The Awakening airs on Channel 4 every Tuesday night from 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm est.  You can find our more at their website,

In 2009, Kelly was honored by being nominated for the IPAA Award for Best Upcoming Psychic. Her other interests include art and music.  Together with her husband, James, they play traditional and modern Celtic Music.  Their duo, Rebel 16, plays at local taverns and pubs. As a writer, She wants to write books that the readers will be interested in and characters they will really care about.  “Rise of the Shadows” is the first book in a trilogy about the Fey Realm and those who reside there.  The draft of the second book is nearly complete and continues with the adventures of Helen and Ian and their Fey friends.

Psychic readings with International Psychic-Medium – Kelly Collins

Kelly has worked for many years as a psychic medium, clairvoyant.  She can communicate with loved ones who have crossed over and help you with your spiritual counseling needs.  If you are interested in a private reading, contact her at  

Disclaimer – You must be 18 years of age or older to receive a reading. Should you choose to have a reading with Kelly, you agree that there will be no guarantees, implied warranties or assurances of any kind. Kelly is not responsible for interpretations made or used by recipients of messages. Information provided in your reading is not meant to be a substitute for services provided by a medical doctor, mental health professional, financial advisor, attorney, or clergy person. After making a purchase you agree there will be no refunds issued. Visit The Awakening at and join them on Tuesday Nights from 8 pm – 10 pm est on Peoples TV Network – Channel 4 –

Kelly Hunt Collins

Author of “The Rise of the Shadows – Book 1 of the Fey Chronicles” available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble

The Awakening – airs every Tuesday evening from 8p-10p est on – channel 4


Check out Their YouTube Channel at




(646) 378-0442

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