GaptoothDiva talks with Virginia acoustic musical duo JuniperGreen on how taking a hobby and applying passion into it can develop into a new niche in life.

JuniperGreen was officially formed in early 2010 by Matt Sease and Luke (the Fro) Andrews. When these friends began writing music together, they had no idea what they were getting into. What began as a musical hobby soon turned into a full-on obsession, and small, sporadic school shows were replaced by multiple gigs every weekend. By summer 2010, JuniperGreen was playing all over Virginia.

Based in Mathews County, a small town on the Chesapeake Bay, this acoustic duo is quickly becoming a known name in the Tidewater area. Much of their music is inspired by the scenic views of their hometown, and their music definitely reflects that. Much like themselves, their live performance is incredibly diverse, with high-energy acoustic songs as well as slower, soothing ones. Their lyrics leave you pondering. The music leaves you yearning for more. And their true fans will tell you that they feel like part of the band. Their fans say ” I AM JUNIPERGREEN”.

      JuniperGreen has played with the following artists: 


Mike Aiken, Nora Jane Struthers, The Steel Wheels, Tim Buppert, Austin Cunningham, Phillip Roebuck, Paul Norfleet, Bavon Atomic, Rob Thompson, and more! 



JuniperGreen has played at the following venues: 


Joyner Field, Christ Church School, 2010 Gloucester Chalk Festival, Bellamy United Methodist Church, Mathews Market Days, Taste of Suffolk Downtown Street Festival, Squire’s Everyday Gourmet, Jalapeno‘s Mexican Restaurant, The Wild Rabbit Cafe’, Gloucester Main Street Farmers’ Market, The Hunt Club in Gloucester, and Shaka’s 


Contact JuniperGreen by email at




 (646) 378-0442




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