GaptoothDiva talks with the creative and very beautiful Janid of Zonisphere Records about her much anticipated fourth album, the journey of being an unexpected sensation and how through her music she can inspire and motivate change in the industry.

A pioneer in musical innovation and evolution, Electronica singer-songwriter Janid (Jah-NEED) has been unleashed upon the world since 2006 with her dark, sensual sounds; irreverent yet poetic lyrics; and distinctly commanding voice. After three evolutionary albums, spanning Latin, R&B, Pop and Dance genres, Janid has established herself as a powerhouse in entertainment today.

Recognized as a uniquely gifted and influential artist by thousands of fans, colleagues and the Recording Academy, Janid is often sought after for performances, endorsements and collaborations. She has appeared on projects for Frankie Cutlass, Nocera, Roy’al and Kaydean, movie soundtracks, television and radio commercials, and is the Spanish voice of 1-800-JETBLUE. In mid-2011, Janid is scheduled to make her big screen debut in the 5.2 Films motion picture “Bare Knucklez”.

Janid’s early work has already earned her a list of awards and accolades including the CNet Editor’s Pick for Brown Eyed Soul Artist Award, recognition from the Recording Academy, a nomination for Best Independent Artist of 2009 from Internet Radio Magazine, title of “New York’s Sexiest Latina” from Farandulife Magazine, two nationally televised performances at the New York National Puerto Rican Day Parade in 2006 and 2010, the most requested performer during the Gay Pride Events season in 2009, as well as international performance invitations from Mexico, Japan and South America. Even more impressive is that she has accomplished this without ever being signed to a major label.

Possibly the hardest working independent female recording artist of the new millennium, Janid has managed to forge a path of success where others have failed. She continues to brand an indelible mark by inspiring and encouraging a new generation of recording artists and leaves a sea of mesmerized fans in her wake with what they have labeled “the sound of the future”.

Janid’s 4th album, ALIAS was released on 12.14.10.


Also Featuring a GaptoothDiva Quick Interview w/ Amber Morgan of

VA Cooperative Extension


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