You all heard the stories about Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen, and Jesse James, and have made your opinions about their secret lifestyles and whether their lives of sex addisction and lust are worth forgiving. Well, GaptoothDiva talks with Ryan Capitol, Author of “Bigger Than Me: An Untold Story of Sex and Love Addiction”, a confessed recovering sex addict about his first book and how he plans to aid in eliminating the suffering, pain, and confusion associated with this disease.

Ryan Capitol has been working for 6 years on changing his life around after being sexually addicted to pornography, women, and having various affairs. One evening while he was involved in an online affair, his wife had a seizure from waiting up for him and worried about their marriage. He has been in recovery ever since that day, and he has seen many terrific people ruined by the problems that they have with compulsive sexual behaviors.

Ryan Capitol is a sex addict with a story to tell the world about, and he is in pursuit of informing men and women of this real disease and to change medical history by researching the problem with real statistics and results through speaking with the public on the issues of sex and love addiction in a non-threatening approach, through telling his story, sharing how most sex addictions start, and giving a helping hand up for those suffering from the shame and guilt that keeps them bound to the compulsive behavior of sex and love addiction.

One of the key differences you will find in how he approaches the subject is that he has lived in this style of life as early as the age of 5. He wants to help inform the world about how serious this problem is becoming through gathering information about the harshness of the disease and the real problem that is out in the world causing the problem to escalate at an alarming rate.

The two key services he is working on currently are book signings with informational seminars, and educational seminars about what sex and love addictions are and what they are not. His whole purpose in this is a passionate heart to help others stop suffering from their shame, and lead them on a road to recovery and a loving relationship with their families and God.

Ryan Capitol Missions

Phone #: (515) 865-1853


Publisher site:


Free preview of my book can be found on the publisher’s website.





(646) 378-0442


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