Ahmad Jamaul Bizzell a Richmond based rapper better known by his stage name J Bizz is the definition of determination. His ambition and his relentless approach to his craft has him poised to step onto the national stage. J Bizz’s music speaks to the masses, not only does he explore all aspects of music but he possesses a unique ability to convert experiences into words. His music has a special energy and passion that is part of a movement being experienced by young hip-hop enthusiasts.

Ahmad Bizzell was born January 8th 1990 in Richmond, Virginia to John and Alice Bizzell. He was raised on the south side of Richmond with his brother and sister where he discovered his passion for sports and music. Basketball fueled his competitive drive early on, upon graduating high school he enrolled in Virginia State University. Music has always been a motivating factor for J Bizz, when he was 14 Bizz belonged to a group called the Young Black Mobstas. At 18 he decided to become a solo artist and his hustle began to present major opportunities for the young artist. He teamed up with young artist/producers like Iraq, Heatwave, and his sister songstress Lela Bizz. He would do open mics any and everywhere all across the state. A local radio DJ took notice of J Bizz and really believed in his potential. This led to a collaboration with DJ Sir RJ on the 2009 club smash “Anything Goes”; this track also gave J Bizz his first radio air play. He quickly followed up with what proved to be his ground breaking single “Rico Suave”. This dance inspired track with its base pounding drums accompanied by J Bizz’s masterful delivery has Rico Suave captivating listeners all over the US.

Bizz’s mixtape was scheduled to drop Spring 2010 right before he embarked on this Summer’s 30 city Signature Tour. This year promises to be monumental in the career of J Bizz “Mr. Rico Suave,” so be on the lookout for the eagerly anticipated debut album.

For More information contact him at …








(646) 378-0442


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