As demonstrated by the success of Adult Swim; the adult-oriented cable television network that shares channel space with Cartoon Network, cartoons are not just for kids.. And childhood friends Carlton “Piper” Marshall and David “Divine” Plummer have created ”

Bullyvard” an animated adult urban series to join in the fun. Utilizing their love of urban culture and hip hop music, these two childhood friends have gone beyond being rappers or producers to solidify a unique place in the hip hop culture. They have gone miles beyond and entered a world not populated by young African American‘s…animation and cartoons.

Marshall and Plummer born in Brooklyn, but grew up in Queens, NY, are the creative partners producing the adult animated series “Bullyvard” based on their lives and the neighborhood characters and happenings of their Linden Boulevard neighborhood. The idea for Bullyvard came to Marshall while working in a barbershop where in addition to cutting and styling hair, laughter and telling jokes was the order of the day. Every customer had a story and each one was as absurd as the one before it. Marshall decided to create characters and story lines but in an animated format that would allow him to also infuse his own dialogue and music that he and Divine produced.

Bullyvard is the home of eighteen characters that run amok displaying the everyday but exaggerated life in the neighborhood. Vividly and colorfully drawn as adolescents to remind you of being one yourself the characters each have distinct personalities and several cultural and ethnic identities including West Indian, Latino, Asian, East Indian and other dialects that represent the melting pot and realness of an urban neighborhood. Bringing the sound and audio flavor to the series is sound designer/engineer Kevin Perrin and actors Ashonda Ace Warner, Ricardo Mccook, Cheron Hogan, Andrew Danish, Mike Haynes and Oren Whitfield.

Bullyvard is not your typical Saturday morning cartoon. Taking its cue from urban and hip hop cultures, it is developed by adults and solely for adults with the added twist of creating youthful looking characters designed to remind you of your own childhood memories. A combination of hot original tracks and funny skits about everyday life, Bullyvard is not intended to be a political commentary or to shock or offend anyone but to help us remember the antics and fun we had as children now that we are adults.


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