We are coming upon the only holiday of the year where romance takes precedent over decorations, over cake, over gift cards, and even sports. The ladies have stood by their man during the entire football season, and hopefully have behaved themselves during the oh-so special Super Bowl 2011 game, patiently awaiting their turn at the undivided attention the television has stolen.

This is the day where what you deserve should mean entirely more than what you get. Don’t settle for the mundane bullsh**t of “I treat you like it’s Valentine’s Day all year round” or the gifts that come every year ( i.e. Card, Box of chocolate, flowers) but hold no value. It’s a new year which means, it’s time to step up the creative circuit and really get that someone special something special, and hopefully something they won’t ever forget.

Creative Gift Ideas:

I would suggest getting unique and custom made gifts that reflect the person’s personality. Such ideas like unique jewelry pieces or handmade crafts may sound out of the norm for some people, but those with an ounce of fashion sense know exactly how priceless a one-of-a-kind gift could mean to that one-of-a-kind person in your life.

Natashab1980 (www.natashab1980.com) – Very unique and creative high quality jewelry for that extra special DIVA in your life, for a fraction of the cost of what you‘ll pay in high end department stores.

Rumors Boutique (http://rumors.myshopify.com/) – Maybe your pockets don’t stretch as far as the celebrities, but you want to find something unique and creative for your lover to rock out the door with on your Valentine’s Day date, check out this store… you won’t be disappointed.

Taboo (http://www.taboolicious.com) – located on West Broad Street, this store offers a little something for everyone. If you are interested in including a little video in the bedroom, a little toy, or maybe some full on “get-it-on” gear, this is for the couple that wants to add some extreme fun into the night that could last the rest of the year. I say, give the gift that just keeps on giving.

Vixen Online Shoe Store (http://www.vixenshoestore.com) – Serving everyone from Richmond, VA to abroad this online store is just the right pick for that special someone who rather have a sexy pair of stilettos than a diamond ring (granted that someone exist, besides myself), make her happy with a pair of heels. Very reasonable prices and styles, you are sure to find something special here.

Spa For Two @ Main Street Spa & Wellness Center ( http://mainstreetspa.com) – This fantastic gift idea is for the lover who wants to show that he/she can spend some cash on something that is healthy and beneficial for the one they desire. It’s not just a luxury people, it’s a well needed maintenance procedure for the person who lives a hectic, busy, and often time consuming lifestyle. Show just how much you love the person in your life by taking them to the most premier spa and wellness center in the city.

For the Financially Challenged:

BBW – No, not big beautiful woman (although, who wouldn’t want that!), I talking about blanket, bucket of chicken and some wine. I know, it’s sounds corny to some, but you wouldn’t believe how romantic it is to get a blanket and sit outside in a grassy area on a beautiful day such as Maymont Park or Byrd Park, get a bucket of chicken or some sandwiches, and a bottle of some nice wine with cups or glasses, and just talk and laugh the afternoon away under the sun. It only works on a beautiful day and it doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day either.

Dinner & A Movie At The Crib – This sounds like a given, but you wouldn’t believe how many people don’t know how to set the mood with something as simple as dinner and a movie. Get some candles, order some pizza, Chinese, or chipotle (for me), and hit up the Red Box for some great movies for $1.00 each. Lay a blanket in front of the flat screen television or even pull your mattress off the bed and bring it into the living room. Sex on the floor is definitely magnificent when you don’t have to worry about the headboard banging against the wall or the bed moving across the floor (for those of you who really get it in, lol J) It’ll be fun and you could even play it up as some sort of naughty sleep over, when you allow your creativity to settle in.

Watch The Sunset/Sunrise – One of the cheapest and most breathtaking views you could ever catch a glimpse of, this is the type of date that will make you really evaluate who you’re with. I always wonder what type of person you have to be to sit and watch something as magnificent as the sun rising or setting at the highest peak of the city, with someone who you don’t have feelings for, but If you do this… it HAS to earn you some sort of brownie points with the girl. Include breakfast/dinner with it and you’re in there. Just try it and see, it’s different, it’s unique, and it’s very romantic. Caution* (Not for the hood-rat inclined, she just won’t get-it.)


Feb 13th Joyce Hawkins Presents – Tamir Rock & Alexis Nicole performing LIVE at Martini Kitchen 1911 West Main Street Richmond VA at 9pm for $15 including buffet and roses for the ladies. Go to www.TamirRocks.com  for more information.

Feb 14th Bank & Vault (1005 E. Main Street) – Offering $75 couple dining (3 course meals, including salad & dessert) for more information… Check out – http://bankandvault.com/

I will post more events mid-week, but this should get you started on some ideas for that special night. However, remember it only means something if you plan on making this a reoccurring thing in your relationship. Otherwise just set up a booty call and call it a night, no need in wasting good stuff on a jump-off.

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