With recipes for deliciously fun dinner dates to promote passionate, playful relationships, this daring, decadent, and risqué guide cooks up a plate of lust with a side of sweet-nothings. GaptoothDiva talks with Author and Entrepreneur, Nancy Doeller of The Frisky Cook, about creative ways to make this year’s Valentine’s Day one your man will never forget, from his belly to his heart.

Teasing, lively, and mischievous, The Frisky Cook by new author Nancy Doeller offers women a years’ worth of daring dinner dates, steamy nights, and a smorgasbord of naughty niceties. With the goal to make all lovers and spouses vie for playmate of the year, Doeller helps others do what she does best. In three easy-to-follow acts and performance titles such as “Oh My July” and “Sassy September,” Doeller gets couple’s one-a-month party started. With her exceptionally enticing brand of joie de vivre, she complements recipes like “Fit-for-a-King Filet Mignon” and “Rough and Ready Mountain Man’s Dinner,” with cues on alluring, if adventurous, attire and directives on how to whisper dirty in his ear. By the main course, the author does more than show women how to keep the spark alive—she creates an inferno of food, fun, and lust.

With deliciously decadent details and a perfectly playful push to appeal to a man’s palate, Nancy Doeller’s saucy debut cookbook and racy relationship guide, The Frisky Cook, does something absolutely sassy. In one fail swoop, she gives couples reasons to be risqué—and the path to a rather lively enlightenment! If you feel like being just a little naughty—this is the book to point you in the right direction.

While it’s been said that the way to a man’s heart is through his belly, Doeller knows better. And by offering a calendar year of daring dinner dates, she stakes a claim on getting couples to really, truly enjoy a meal—and to savor their time together. In three parts with activity titles such as “Jumpstart January,” “Oh My July,” and “Sassy September,” there’s never a dull moment. She has games, goals, extra special nights out, pillow talk, and more. With appetizers like “Casa Nova Shrimp Cocktail” and “Nice and Naked Bruschetta,” Doeller has also created exceptional entrées such as “Fit-for-a-King Filet Mignon,” “Rough and Ready Mountain Man’s Dinner,” and a lobster dish that promises to be a nice “piece of tail,” not to mention desserts like “Bedroom eyes, Pecan Pie” and “Bad Boy Chocolate Cake.” A willing wife takes it to the kitchen where once a month she becomes the frisky cook who has her way so that her lover will be enticed, enchanted, and enjoying an unforgettable night of passion.

You have to give a little and take a little in this dynamite guide that shows the way to a man’s heart is only partly through his belly. In fact with the help of this cookbook, he’ll want to devour more than what’s on the menu—he’ll hunger for his frisky cook!

Included in this guide:

Directions on twelve three-course meals with daring recipes like “Rough and Ready Mountain Man’s Dinner” and “Bedroom eyes, Pecan Pie”

Inspired, unforgettable invitations that no man in his right mind will refuse

Hints on how to whisper “dirty”

Tips on the art of pillow talk

Pointers on daring get-ups

Coax him and make life steamy—this twelve-month dinner-date cookbook is certain to entice, excite, and tempt your man! Go ahead. Slip on something black and leather, serve a plate of pasta fagiole—the night is young.

Nancy Doeller studied health and physical education at West Chester University before marrying an Austrian chef she met while working as an activities director on a cruise ship. For nearly thirty years she helped her husband manage a yacht club, though also found time to study voice, acting, and dance. With an ear for writing jingles and a love for food, she began an entertainment and catering business in which she not only created menus and catered private parties, she delivered handmade gourmet baskets while singing original jingles and telegrams. Currently, she lives with her family in Wallingford, Pennsylvania, where she is working on her second cookbook as well as a television pilot. The Frisky Cook is her first book.


For more information Contact Nancy Doeller, Author of The Frisky Cook

Website: www.thefriskycook.com

Email : thefriskycook@gmail.com


(646) 378-0442





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