BONAVIL’S (Brothers Offering New Age Values in Life) blends fluid raps with Southern soul and an old school Swing combining to create what they call Juke Joint Hip Hop Soul. From the little county Petersburg, Virginia BONAVIL is passionately committed to cultivating a new diverse musical workforce through the different production sounds of Choir Boi Productions. With their intricate lyrics, motivational and positive melodies; they provide the key elements of success. Currently unsigned T-Swagga, Bigg Trinn and Kapella dropped their first single “Arnah Bonah” in August 2007 for their debut album “Humble Beginningz.”

Troy Bonner (T-Swagga), Durrell Pegram (Kapella) who is brothers and Cousin Trinidy Bonner (Bigg Trinn) started out gathering together at family events free styling. On June 8th 2005 they came together as an unnamed group and made a song “Can’t Nobody” dedicated to T-Swagga and Kapella’s mother Shirley Pegram on her 50th birthday celebration. Once everyone started embracing their skills and chemistry with one another they began to meet with each other to write songs for over two years.

In early 2007, BONAVIL member Kapella started Choir Boi Productions and quickly started making highly influenced music with a new feel. They wrote a song called “Datz Dem” for an auditioned for a rap contest through Hustle Ya Flow Entertainment and made the showcase. When asked what name they go by they replied Bonneville but changed it to BONAVIL for elimination of any legal problems in the future with the car company. The name was changed to explain what they plan to do which is to offer new age values in life. Shortly after the showcase a buzz began to spread out about their music and a new hit song “Arnah Bonah” which hit the local area of Petersburg and reached as far as North Carolina with the support of family and friends.

Every since the showcase they have auditioned for the Apollo where they gained a lot of popularity in Washington D.C. They also traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina to perform several CIAA basketball tournament parties. BONAVIL has been one of the fast growing groups in Petersburg, VA constantly doing open mic for different nightclubs and lounge area’s. In the past three months they have performed at the Virginia Motorsports Park, Community Reunions and even for the mentally ill where they hold great influence in their lives.

BONAVIL’s plan is to be one of the greatest music groups ever and show the world a different side of life. With their next album that they are currently working on (The New Rat Pack); you will hear music done in a completely different way mixing the likes of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and even Tommy Dorsey with their hip hop soul flavor. This will indeed hit the world opening ears of all ethnicity and being one of the most successful albums of our time set to be released late January.

“With a music industry struggling to maintain it’s integrity and relevancy we feel we have the necessary tools needed to breathe life back into the hip hop music that many have came to love. Given the chance we believe we can help hip hop music evolve into an art form that we as a people can take pride in as well as open the industry for hip hop artist that actually have something to say of importance to our community.”  – Bonavil



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(646) 378-0442


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