When it comes down to relating, understanding, and putting feeling into music, you would think Lela Bizz, a native of Virginia, would have been through every type of relationship situation you could think of. But Lela Bizz writes songs from the heart as if she has been through these situations before. These heartfelt songs are the main reason people can relate to hermusic.

Lela’s music thrives from relationships she has either been in, or heard about. Her soulful R&B sound is too unique to categorize. Lela’s songs situations range from knowing how to treat her man, from lusting a man that wasn’t hers, to admitting that she messed up and pleads to come back home.
Lela has no regrets of her past relationships because they have all turned into songs.

Lela was born in Richmond Virginia. Born the eldest of four children she knew that singing was a talent that God has given her. Lela became a household nickname given to her by her mother when she was younger. Lela began writing music at the tender age of 7. Even back then she wrote songs that touched people in a way that couldn’t be overlooked. At the early age of
8 she aspired to make music her life, so much so she joined as many choirs which included church and school choirs to perfect the craft of singing.

Growing up singing was and still is definitely in her blood. Lela’s
Grandfather is in a gospel group called the Brother Love Quintet and listing to them as a youngster she knew that it was only a matter of time when she was going to get the chance to show everyone that she has raw talent also.

Lela always knew that singing was her number one love, so she perfected her raft by singing everyday. Singing seemed to be an outlet for her to escape he harsh realities of her life. That is positively the reason her experiences are the sole reason why her music is so beautiful. Some of the vocalist that Lela grew up admiring are Whitney Houston, Mary J. Blige, Monica, and Brandy just to name a few. Life’s a musical is the name of her
debut album. Its not a mystery how she came up with that name. No matter how you look at it, Lela is about her “Bizzness”.

Check her out…

Reverbnation http://www.reverbnation.com/lelabizz
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Lela-Bizz/247954955612

LelaSong Music Group LLC

Industreet Ready Mixtape 9-1-10

Play My Tape Mixtape 9-1-09



(646) 378-0442


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