MACKMAMA is a new phenomenon in the Music Industry. She is the first female to start her own label, Starstatus Entertainment before signing with a Major Label. As an independent artist she has the freedom to control her creativity and showcase her many styles. Mack is truly “O.B.G” an Original Bad Girl she did thirteen years behind bars for being a hustler, what ever she could do to make money she did with the exception of selling her body. She grew up hard and still managed to overcome the ghetto mentality of her hood. She never settled for less and worked hard at obtaining the best out of life. She exudes super star quality and exemplifies the dignity of a Queen. That of which she is known as the Queen of the underground, because she has released 6 mix cd’s and over a hundred freestyle’s since 2003. This is only her underground music catalog. Not to mention she has recorded thirty songs for her album.

Her highly anticipated album is scheduled for release April of 2010 and will be sold on iTunes, rhapsody, Napster, She has a hot single slated to be a street anthem recorded with D BLOCK‘s rap sensation STYLES P. Everyone is trying to get a piece of the MACK, her music speaks truth and the streets respect her because her Rap skills are undeniable. She is a female 50 cent without the bullets but far more jail time under her belt. So that certifies her as an official gangstress.

MackMama is also a self published Author with her first book slated for release April 2011. Her autobiography is called “Tales of an Original Bad Girl” and tells the riveting story of her life. She tells her story with such raw honesty that you relive the pain she felt when her mom died of AIDS when she was only sixteen. She shares what made her run to the streets with such vengeance and all the fury she felt when she shot four people. She also diagnosis the insanity that she lived through and talks about the change she has undergone to become the woman she is today. She is a Public Speaker and shares her testimony with the troubled teens in schools around the country. Her autobiography includes 116 pictures 52 of which are in color and a Soundtrack. What better way to get to know MackMama. Read about her, enjoy the visuals, and hear her music all at once.

MACKMAMA is unique in which she can spit hardcore, provocative, or give it to you inspirational. Like the first single to be released called “We’re Gonna Blow” that features a 14 year old singer and a background chorus of children singing there little hearts out while MAMA tells the world don’t give up on our dreams, because she knows we’re gonna blow, and guess what? So is MACKMAMA.

Check out her new digital release self titled “MACKMAMA” and see why she is truly what the industry and the world needs. She has the total package the look, talent to stand on her own lyrically, the business savvy to make her label successful and the credibility to make her stories believable.

You probably heard it before but this lady is the “truth” if you don’t believe it hear for yourself! Her newest mixtape is called MACK N MINAJ and is a collection of songs from the baddest chick in the game NICKI MINAJ and MACKMAMA the baddest chick underground after listening to this mixtape you will know why MACKMAMA is with out a doubt the next to blow.

What makes MACKMAMA a rarity is her love for female mc’s and her realness you will never hear her hating or not giving props to the females that have made it mainstream. “I salute NICKI MINAJ because she is talented and she writes her own rhymes, plus she is sexy can’t hate on that, she is paving the lane for me and plus we have different styles and the fans want versatility”.

MACKMAMA holds her own on, every track she graces you will never confuse her sound for anyone else she is indeed an ORIGINAL BAD GIRL…MACKMAMA the self titled album is what you need to hear so you can get to know Mack, her life…the pain…the struggle…the hustle…the love you can also check her out on and follow her on

Contact her via email at also tune in to hear her online radio show on her show is entertaining as she dishes her unique opinion on relevant beauty shop topics that every day folks can relate to and as always Mack does it with her own MACKY style.

Her SWAG is MACTASTIC you can also join her fan page on or  

Mack Mama “Tales of the Original Bad Girl” Autobiography       

 “I wrote my autobiography in hopes of reaching some wild teen that may be going through what I went through….
I tell my story not to glorify my transgressions but to discourage the youth of today that may identify with my situation not to go down the same road I took to my destruction…
…If my story can help save a life then I am willing to bare my soul….. I tell my story through music that’s why it was important to include the soundtrack with my book…
I want my memoirs to be used as a case study to hopefully fix and understand the social problems that plague many youths growing up in urban cities around the world.
My music and my story is my testimony listen to me and read with an open mind and heart. This is the story of the person behind Mack Mama the entertainer this is the story of Natoka Dora Williams.” – Mack Mama

The eBook download includes the full Autobiography and 16 additional pages of color photos.  

After doing 13 years in prison she decided to share her life story in hopes of reaching the youth that may be pursuing the wrong paths in life. She lost her mother when she was sixteen at the early age of thirty six from the Aids Virus. This caused her to run to the streets with a vengeance.

She turned into a very bad girl shooting four people and committing every crime imaginable. She suffered from domestic abuse from her spouse who was nine years her senior and inevitable became the abuser in her relationships with women.

She discovered her musical talents while serving time on her first bid and pursued her career although she created her own road blocks by not giving up her hustling lifestyle. Her last prison stint changed her life and started her on her road to redemption. Her autobiography is indeed a page turner and a revelation about the entertainer’s tumultuous life.







 (646) 378-0442

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