GioVanna is Reppin’ Raleigh, NC & DiRtY JerSeY “I’m GioVanna!” you can hear her shout on stage in front of hundreds to thousands. You can catch this Bella Chula at any Stage on the East Coast! This born and raised “Jersey MaMi” has many talents to offer to the entertainment industry. Giovanna can sing, dance and rap. She also enjoys writing poetry, songs, acting, and performing.

Back in Jersey, Giovanna teamed up with a Puerto Rican producer in Camden, NJ. When Giovanna moved to Raleigh, NC, she bumped into a local artist. The artist later asked Giovanna to be featured on a track of his. From then on, G was in search and determined to be a part of the entertainment/music business. G then became the most valuable part of the dance group that opened up for a talent show. She danced and toured with the record label. G was a lead dancer for the label’s featured group.

Giovanna has done several music videos and concerts throughout various cities. Now Giovanna performs in any Festival, Show, or Club from NYC to NJ to VA to NC to SC. By adding flavor to each show, she gets the crowd hype! This Bella Chula is UNSTOPPABLE!!!


(646) 378-0442    




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