Yesterday was one of those days that even if you knew absolutely nothing about the game of basketball, even if you never attended Virginia Commonwealth University, maybe even if you weren’t from/living in the City of Richmond, Virginia – you would have still been among the crowds of cheering people in support of one of the greatest moments in history. The VCU Rams made it to the final four, despite a very large assumption that it would never happen. First I would like to say congratulations to the hard working individuals responsible for getting their team this far. I would also like to wish them much more success as they embark on what was only a dream before… Winning the National Championship!

This moment in time made me think about the everyday men and women who often succumb to the belief of the majority, that they themselves don’t want to actually believe. They fall into the trap of they can’t, it’s not possible, no one can do this, and it can’t be done. So instead of attempting, they decide it’s not worth the effort and ultimately give up before it has begun. I was one of those people, so I feel like I can speak on it with the conviction that this is not how life is supposed to be. I bet one of the young men on the basketball team probably heard, “Why are you going to play with them? They’ve never won a National Championship game. It would be a waste of your talent to not attend _______________________ school and play ball!”. I’m glad that that young man decided to go with his initial choice. Why? Often times our first decision is the decision that will lead to the breakthrough/blessings we were looking for all along. If we give up on our ideas and our journeys, where will those blessings and breakthroughs go?

I am so proud of my city right now and I’m not even from here. I’m watching people come from under the rocks, splash out of the rubble, and kick down doors to new and exciting opportunities that most of you could only imagine, because they stepped out on faith and never looked back. They didn’t deny themselves the rights to their hearts desires because, no one has ever gotten that far or because it’s not likely that they will ever have what they believe was destined to them from the beginning.

I urge you all to support one another, because although dreams are given to one individual, it is more likely to happen when we believe in collaboration with one another. I learned a long time ago that when two or more people pray on something it is more likely to happen. I also believe this to work in a negative way as well. When two or more people believe that nothing good will ever happen or that blessings won’t come, they often don’t. However, what is for you – is for you but you have to work extra hard against those praying that you don’t get it. Support each other, spend time praying for one another, lend your helping hands, your contacts, your resources, or your moral support to the next person passionate enough to need it. We are supposed to be village of individuals nurturing one another to become the best people we can be in order to further our neighborhoods and our communities for our future generations, however life has become so much of a barrel and we are the small crab being emotionally, financially, and spiritually stepped on by our would-be supporters that we forgot that it only takes one to carry on tradition in order for that tradition to survive. Support one another. I don’t mean support only those with your last name, support a complete stranger or a friend of a friend, because you see potential and growth. Support someone because of their great ideas and their knowledge of their gifts. Support someone because of the support you lacked as you grew up, and your intentions is to make a difference.

I’m proud of the VCU Rams and I look forward to seeing them do even better in the next two games. However, if they don’t win the National Championship, I still think they did a fantastic job and will continue to cheer for them in the stands because support is being their even when they don’t win… and even if you don’t have a clue as to what is going on in the game. Lol. 😉

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