My mother used to tell me, “If you don’t want to be talked out of an idea, don’t tell anybody your idea”. I took years to master that lesson, but finally I got it. I had some great ideas in the past but like an idiot, I shared them with any and everybody, wanting some type of cheering squad behind me to applaud at the finish line. However instead of getting that, I would get a bunch of people (most of them in worst situations than me) telling me how, when, why, and what I SHOULD be doing. It was frustrating to say the least, but I digress.

 This time around, I knew that I wasn’t talking to anyone about what I planned to do, even to this day after everything is already said and done, I’m still not talking. I look at it this way. Some people will pray for your success and your good health. However, there are people in the world who will pray for your downfall and your demise. When you are a constant reminder of the lack of ambition in others, in the past when they believed everything was possible, or the regrets of their life, they will want to destroy you for their own peace of mind. Even worst, when you decide you want to walk out on faith and believe that no matter what you do, Your Creator is going to see to it that you are a winner, and then they’re even more upset. See, they lack faith and they never stepped out on anything, not even those sorry people in their lives that held them back from their ideas and their dreams. So naturally, if they couldn’t do it, neither can you.

When you step out on faith and you believe in that power you have in you, you are asking for drama. The enemy doesn’t want you to inspire anyone; he doesn’t want you to be as good as God knows you are, so he’ll use that older person you look up to, to influence you not to move, or that best friend you thought you could trust to hate on your suggestions before they even exist. It’s so hard, it would be a lie to say it’s not, but that’s what stepping out on faith is, it’s scary and it’s hard, but believing doesn’t have to be. I know that I remind myself about all the bad I did in life, and how easy it was for me to do it. I think about all the craziness and drama I used to create and how I never had obstacles to overcome in order to accomplish those bad deeds. When you step out on faith to do something amazing and good, you will have hurdles. I remind myself everyday that the bigger the hurdles and the more obstacles, then the bigger the blessing and the more profound my journey will be.

 I can’t tell everyone what I’ve done. However, I know those that believe in me and see my vision, know that I’m up to something amazing. We just have to have faith.

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