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On a beautiful Saturday afternoon in April, you may have had plans on cooking out with the family or checking out some of the hottest retail spots in the capital city. Hopefully before you got too engrossed in the same ‘ole-same ‘ole, you took some time to check out something a little more different and special.

Crystal Robinson of, owner and crafter of the infamous handmade silk scarves and pillows that you may have seen on GaptoothDiva’s tour of the annual Spring Bada Bing, showcased her lovely silk creations among Virginia’s artist community at the Virginia museum of Fine Arts. She and two other talented crafters/artist were there represented and in full effect for what turned out to be a great event.

For more information about Crystal and her wonderful silk creations, check her out at

Designer and Seamstress, Artina Slaughter showcased some fantastic bags that complimented the theme of the Museum. They were beautiful and nothing short of chic and creative. For more information her handbags and accessories, check her out at

RVA Jeweler and Designer, Jay Sharpe presented his new collection “Henleava”, inspired by tow of the most precious little girls ever, which couldn’t be more custom and unique if it tried. He designed this jewelry and many more just for the client in mind. For more information about him and his new collection, check him out at

If you are an artist, jewelry designer, or seamstress, then a trunk show should be in your very near future. This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase what you have created and sell your product as well. I was impressed at how well the turn out was, but more importantly how wonderful these three held it down. I look forward to more events like this in the future.

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