Brynan Avery – “So Dearly”

Support this young lady trying to work towards her dreams.

Happy Anniversary As We Grow Childcare & Learning Center

Thanks to the hard work of Cherrelle Hurt and her staff, As We Grow Childcare and Learning Center are embarking on their second year at their Southside location. Things have picked up enormously and now they are currently enrolling in their summer Enrichment program for the summer months. Plans are underway for a celebration, so more details to come. Contact their office for more info on how your little genius can be apart of a growing family. Did I mention that Cherrelle Hurt was 2010’s school board candidate and also one of the very witnesses in Richmond to personally watch President Barack Obama sign a new small business law back in September of 2010? Well, now you know. Give it up for As We Grow Childcare!!

Phone (804) 233-4116

451 East Belt. Blvd. Suite E

Richmond, Virginia 23224

Young Richmond OutKasts Expected to Drop Two Exclusive Music Videos Today and Noon

Watch out for the two hot new videos dropping today at noon

Go to!/group.php?gid=181567016218 for the launch

Also download that album because it’s hot potatoes‘!!

Click here to download…

Check out Rager Atmosphere by Ragerific Knights

I listened to this song and my booty involuntarily started shaking, I love this. Check them out, they’re very creative!

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