Often asked for advice about love and relationships, family, raising children, dealing with life challenges and making tough decisions, Tamara has long since been the go-to person for family, friends, employees and coworkers. Never one to shy away from sharing her own experiences, Tamara uses her personal testimonies and experiences to impart wisdom and help others.

Tamara isn’t your average advice columnist; her words of wisdom come from a plethora of life experiences. From being a teenage mother, who took her child with her to Howard University; to being a single parent raising two children and going back to school to complete a graduate degree; and now as a married mother of four and an entrepreneur; Tamara give REAL advice from REAL experience.

Tamara does not claim to be a psychology expert, but she uses her education, experiences and natural discernment to look at a situation from all sides and offer quality advice. In addition to her advice column, Tamara is the editor-in-chief of Sisterz On The Move, an online magazine designed to inspire, encourage and empower women who are striving to balance their lives, make moves toward their goals, and live their dreams. She is also the creator and one of four hosts of Your Sisterfriends, a weekly online radio show focusing on the real-life issues of women and their families. Additionally, Tamara owns and operates her own consulting firm Kreativ Intervention that specializes in branding, marketing and public relations.

Also Featuring James Swan, Author of

“101 Things I Hate About Your House”

In 101 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOUR HOUSE: A Premier Designer Takes You on a  Room-by-Room Tour to Transform Your Home from Faux to Fabulous (Health Communications, Inc. March 2011), nationally renowned interior designer, James Swan shows readers how they can feel right at home in their house. After twenty years of working at the highest echelons of the design industry, Swan has seen it all and has observed virtually every mistake homeowners make. Throughout his career he’s learned this: We all make design mistakes and every house is a growing, evolving entity that asks  for attention, care, and consistent nourishment. Our living space provides a rich tapestry of opportunities, experiences, and memories in the making. 101 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOUR HOUSE teaches readers (and their houseguests) to truly enjoy the place they call home.  Swan provides readers with the basic principles they need to create a beautiful and gracious living space. Regardless of the state of their estate—be it massive or minuscule—or a person’s Style IQ, the principles of gracious living outlined in 101 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOUR HOUSE delivers a framework for a more beautiful and gracious home. This book is for all readers, regardless of whether their house is inspired by an English cottage, a French farmhouse, an Italian palazzo, or last month’s Design Within Reach catalogue — or if they have a lot of money to spend or very little. What does matter is that readers genuinely want to experience their home in a more beautiful way and that they are prepared to make easy, low-cost fixes to common mistakes. 101 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOUR HOUSE starts at the street, moves through the front door, and doesn’t stop until it has taken a peek into every room of  the house. Swan numbers the “101 Things” that make up this book so readers can easily reference items they find helpful, painful, or just too funny to forget, including the following:

#1. Dreary Little Mess: Nothing screams “dreary little mess” quite like
a front door masquerading as last winter’s snow tires. Clean it up. Wipe
it down. Patch it, paint it, stain it, wax it, but just get the door to
your home speaking a civilized language that is perfectly synchronized
with the impression you want to make.

#71. Age-Appropriate Design: Mom and Dad, it’s time to get over your
heels dragging on the subject of the kids growing up before your very
eyes. They will grow whether you want them to or not, so make the best of
a maturing problem and match their chronological age with the furnishings
in their rooms. A teenager (13 and older) should be sleeping in a double
bed, not in a childish twin. The progression from twin to double is a rite
of passage. Make it memorable for your young lady or gentleman.

#25. A Room without a Soul: If the gods of decorating are to be found
lurking in the details of your home, what do your details say? Take a
critical look at the small things that fill your table tops and shelves.
Do they tell a beautiful story, the story you want told? If not, then it’s
time to edit and rewrite your story.

#83. A Closet Case: Follow these three easy steps and win big in the
game of small closets. One: edit out things you’ve not touched in more
than nine months. Two: divide and win. Divide your wardrobe by season and,
three: high and low. Extra storage can be found high on shelves and
beneath beds.

#15. Soap Soup: Toss the gooey, goopy bar of soap and the dish too.
Upgrade your powder room with this simple A-list trick; nothing says
luxury like a beautiful bottle of spa-style hand soap and a small tray
displaying its matching wrapped bar soap. You’ve just elevated a mundane
moment and made it memorable.

#8. Smelling a rat: Beside the look of the house, a homeowner should
consider another layer of impression with which to astonish and astound
unwitting guests…take a deep breath and try not to choke on the aroma of
musty wet dogs, acrid cat boxes, marinating gym clothes, and damp, moldy
laundry. To put it succinctly: Buy a candle.

Swan also offers top ideas to make the living room ready for company — today; quick, practical projects to add pizzazz to anyone’s dining; valuable tips to make small spaces multifunctional, secrets to creating a bedroom sanctuary (tip: lose the TV!), and much more. Swan has partnered with veteran journalist Carol Beggy and award-winning set designer Stanley A. Meyer in 101 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOUR HOUSE to create a dazzlingly illustrated road map for navigating the subjective world of home design
and decoration.
Swan’s “take-no-prisoners” approach to home design offers fresh, upbeat and spot-on observations. Swan says, “Here it is, the ‘Cliffs Notes’ for a more beautiful home. Quibble if you must about your own personal style and artistic vision; or sit quietly by, knowing that you’ve single-handedly raised the bar for the stylishly impaired. It matters not.
There is room for all.” When the goal is to elevate our living experience from the ordinary to the exceptional, when we’ve taken steps to educate ourselves away from the faux pas and toward the fabulous, then we are well on our way to a more beautiful, gracious way of life. The plan that 101 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOUR HOUSE offers is simple: for readers to laugh, learn, and, most important, come to love their home as they’ve never loved it before. Now that’s beautiful.

101 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOUR HOUSE: A Premier Designer Takes You on a
Room-by-Room Tour to Transform Your Home from Faux to Fabulous
James Swan; Carol Beggy (contributor); Stanley A. Meyer (illustrator)
Health Communications, Inc.; March 2011

Check him out at …
jim@james-swan.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/jamesswan

CALL IN LIVE (646) 378-0442

LISTEN LIVE, click here at 9pm EST


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