Shoegasm – The peak of a plateau phase during a visual response when viewing a shoe displaying beauty, originality, and/or fierceness.

Yes, you read that correctly. That good ‘ole feeling you get when you want to yell out in ecstasy after seeing that shoe of your dreams. Nicole and Bennika have defined it right and created a business after it. is the premier website to purchase the perfect shoe for your personality. Do you want creative? Want stylish? Or do you want something that will make all of your office haters, hate you more? Check out this site and tell the owners what you think.

I was livid with myself when I got too sick to attend the launch party for these entrepreneurial mavens on Saturday, May 14th at the ultra chic Aloft Hotel in the Short Pump Area. Everything I heard about the event was what I expected. Words like fabulous and amazing were thrown in the air by many of Richmond’s fashionable and chic. All you had to do was check the wire for updates on this event. What was more special, were the encouraging words of support to Nicole and Bennika that many don’t have the luxury of receiving. These young ladies are truly blessed to have such an awesome support system behind them as they embark on taking over the world of retail shoes, by providing women a creative option to shop online.

Reaching out to Nicole to apologize for my absence, I got a quick quote from her:

“The event was a huge success. Despite the weather a lot of people came out to support us, both male and female. The site is completed and fully functioning. We have a wide variety of styles and price points, including shoes that were hand made in the European country of Bulgaria just a week before the launch. We are excited for what is to come in the future, including launch parties in Atlanta and DC.

– Nicole Tyler

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Girl, so are we!

By creating a fabulous boutique online, Bennika and Nicole save on overhead and are able to provide their customers a more personal online experience. Although they just launched this weekend and there isn’t a huge assortment of shoes on their website (thousands of shoes) at this time. They still do offer a wide range of styles to choose from, that will fit any Divas lifestyle. From flats to super high platforms, you can register online to receive updates on new arrivals directly from the website.

These ladies know that presentation is everything. With a sleek website design and fully functional links, minus a few kinks here and there. We are all going to be amazed when these savvy ladies take shoe shopping by storm. They understand that finding the perfect pair of shoes is much like finding love… Always staying ahead of the fashion curve, their mission is to help you find your SOLE mate! I know for sure I got some lost loves somewhere on that site. I’m feeling Alexander at the current moment, so back up ladies. Just kidding. Be sure to add them to your favorites bookmark, because I’m sure Nicole and Bennika have a few more tricks up their fashionable sleeves.

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