The Power Of the Little Black Dress - Plus Size

So I was thinking about the days where I would party all Thursday night and I couldn’t manage to get out of bed early enough to choose a work appropriate outfit. Please, I know I’m not the only one. Anyway, it’s no secret I would either call in and say I wasn’t coming in (only if it wasn’t pay day) or I would throw together some quick ensemble that was less than policy friendly and duck every nosey supervisor all day. Thank God, I don’t have to do that anymore.

I thought it would be a great idea for me to come up with a GaptoothDiva Fashion File that not only catered to the Nightclub heads out there but also the very chic Full Figured Diva. This is my ode to Full Figure Fashion Week coming up next month, where I will be posting more Full Figure tips and ideas.

Think of the little Black dress, a staple in any fashionistas wardrobe. Think about how you can just slip off a pair of hot sexy pumps and slip on a pair of executive sexy pumps, while switching jewelry out. You can throw on a coordinating blazer for the office meetings you may unexpectedly be required to attend at the last minute. Then by taking your clutch and throwing it in your oversized bag ( a lazy girls way of switching purses), you have transformed from nightclub steady to office ready. Your supervisor won’t even notice that you still have a hint of Cosmo on your breath, just kidding (that’s nasty!)

It’s important to be fashionable, so make sure you keep these items in your car just in case. This tip even works for the fashionista that stays over a .. uhm…”friends” house, lol.

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