GaptoothDiva Reviews Rumors Boutique in Richmond, Virginia

I know I’m not the only one who knows about the thrift store phenomenon that is Rumors boutique in the VCU area of Richmond, Virginia. But do you know just how fantastic the selection is? I mean, Geez! I was in there several times last week, two times when I was broke and twice when I had some change in my pocket and all times, I wanted to buy almost the whole store. Please take into consideration I am not being paid to say this, but I simply love this concept. They have some of the most unique pieces I have ever seen. Some of the items they have, you won’t be able to find anywhere. For guys and girls, you have a huge selection of options to choose from no matter your style or taste.

I love the selction but most importantly, I love that I can bring in the stuff I no longer like, fit, or need – get some cash or a very reasonable store credit and keep it moving. I tested this theory last week with a vintage dress that I had for a while. It was one of my favorite pieces, a true GaptoothDiva exclusive. I brought it to the store, filled out a short form and browsed around as I waited for my items to be reviewed. Less than 3 minutes later, They told me I was almost fifteen dollars richer or I can get a even larger store credit. I was so D.W.I (down with it), I almost ran out the store with my money in hand. Gas is too damn high, and I was too damn impressed to not share this with my fellow divas and divos.

Now, don’t go grabbing everything in your closet people. You must only bring in clean, fashionable items that are stain and hole free. Please don’t embarrass me, by bring in your dusty t-shirts with the ring around the collar saying GaptoothDiva sent you. I will not stand for that, because I also shop there now. I’m glad this store exist, but I want more people (especially curvy and thick females) to participate. That’s only because I’ll have more of a selection to choose from. It’s a great thing here, so whether you are a VCU student or not, check it out and save some money. Don’t need to shop at the others stores anymore that take your money and never give you anything but another expense. Rumors gives back to your wallet, to your closet, and even to the community. I’m loving it, a true fashionista’s dream, I’m just here to tell you… don’t sleep – it’s amazing.

For more information check them out at 404 North Harrison Street in Richmond, VA or call them at 804-726-9944. Also check out their website and blog at

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