Yesterday, Prince Gaptooth aka A’veri and I went to the Broad Appetite Event in Richmond Virginia’s East Broad Street area. Like always, we get side tracked whenever we are together. Sometimes we are opting to enjoy ourselves, rather than get street style pictures like what mommy was scheduled to do on her calendar. Geez, I digress! We really didn’t see much in regards to street fashion, except these two creatively dressed individuals below. I had to stop them to let them know that there outfits were not only cool, but seriously comfortable. I like their outfits because they both have looks that could only work for them specifically. Yes, they can be duplicated, but you won’t look as awesome as them if you tried.

GaptoothDiva reports at Broad Appetite

Very eclectic and cool, this girl took earth tones to a whole new height. I like that she wasn’t matchy-matchy with colors and opted for the vintage cut off denim jacket turned vest to complete the look. Loving the hat also doll, that’s my go-to when I don’t want to bother with the hair.

GaptoothDiva reports at Broad Appetite

Ok, so many people don’t know that although I’m always dressed up and “Diva”, I have this love and admiration for people that make the not-so-polished look work. I had to snap a picture of this guy because although it’s not typical fashion… I Love It! He looks so comfortable in the cut off slack folded over once, the distressed work boots, and the simple tank. To literally top it all off, you add the funky hat and you got a guy who didn’t even look like he tried. However, it’s amazing. Very few people can look like a band member or struggling artist and make it work, this gentleman did it all and I’m proud to share it with you. He gives me an idea, tune in for that later.:-)

Here are some more pictures of the day’s event, I can’t wait for them to do it again next year. It was incredible.

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