GaptoothDiva Street Style Inspiration - MiMi rocking the Blue Hair in RVA
GaptoothDiva reports on MiMi's Blue Hair - Street Style InspirationGaptoothDiva reports on MiMi's Blue Hair - Street Style Inspiration

I had to give it up for a fan of, MiMi. She always has a unique style and way of representing her creative edge, but on the day I saw her here…. homegirl made me jump out of the car. It’s amazing, it’s stylish, it’s freakin blue hair.
Yeah I know… not so much original. But the way she did it on her natural mane, makes it look like like she invented it herself. Besides isn’t that waht fashion is all about anyway? Take what’s hot and trendy and make it WOOOORRRKKK …. for you.
MiMi gets extreme brownie points from me, because I love a chick that has the balls to rock that hair. If you’re interested in trying something equally funky, hit me up so I can let Ms. MiMi know. from what i hear, she amazing with the color. She did this herself. Thanks hun for being creative and funky, and addicition over here at GaptoothDiva.
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  1. First time checkin out ur website!U go girl!I will definitly b checkin it out more often.Dont stop doin what u doin ad istah!Not many people impresss me. 🙂


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