In honor of Full Figure Fashion going down in New York for the next few days, I’ve decided to introduce you all to some of the models I will be walking with in the Tropical Diva Summer Madness Fashion Show. These women exemplify what true beauty and confidence is for full figured and plus size women. Many of them have had to deal with ridicule and negative comments about their weight and their looks, but they changed the game and used that as fuel to set the plus size world on fire. Be inspired and motivated by these beauties, and give love to plus size goddesses everywhere.

Mariaelissa Littles Featured on GaptoothDiva.comMariaelissa Littles – Born in San Juan (Fortunate)

33 year old Photographer, Model, and Mother

2 time Virginia Fashion Award Nominee

She Enjoys: Photography and Fashion, and representing a proud full figured woman. But nothing tops the love she has for her amazing children!


Ali Lynn!

Tropical Diva Fashion Show

Curvaceous Boutique

Mariaelissa Littles Featured on“I’m a mother of four, two girls two boys. I have a 13 year old daughter who is going through the awkward time of worrying about her body. It is my goal as a mother to show her that beauty doesn’t equal being super skinny. Beauty is within, and it comes in all shapes and sizes. I do emphasize health with her though, I want her to take care of her body but love it for what it is. That is why I love what I do, she gets to see all kinds of women celebrating their beauty!

I wanted to represent full figure women in a positive light. I wanted to show people that I am very proud of my body and have full acceptance of it! I have been inspired by women like Mia Amber, Tara Lynn and a awesome friend of mine who helped me through my first fashion show. I never thought I would find success in modeling, years after having a family, but God has blessed me and I’m fortunate to be living my dream!!”

She looks forward to working with others that want to make a movement in Plus Sized Modeling, such as fashion designers, make up artists, and photographers….

Contact Mariaelissa Littles at

Mariaelissa Littles Featured on

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