Have you realized that you suffer from alcoholism/ drug addiction just like your mother or father. Maybe you keep falling into the same negative relationship patterns as someone in your family. Perhaps a child you know is being abused, because their parent(s) were abused, and their parents before them.

William Shifflett featured on GaptoothDiva RadioGaptoothDiva Talks with William Shifflett, Expert Author and Teacher, who has studied and written extensively on the subject of Generational Curses. Generational Curses is the belief currently in vogue in some circles of the Christian Church, that a person’s problems are to be blamed on the sins of ancestors, thus the alternate name Ancestral Curses.

In his book Friendly Fire: Embracing the Power of Trial, Pastor and Bible teacher William Shifflett takes issue with the errors of this teaching as a means of escaping the character building benefits of trials. William’s website, http://www.Swordpoints.org also features a discussion on these fallacies and is linked to other sites exactly for that reason.

Tonight we will discuss the confusion between Generational patterns and Generational effects, the foolishness and silliness of some of Generational Curse claims, and William Shifflett’s book Friendly Fire: Embracing the Power of Trial.

 Email: Will@Swordpoints.org


Zenobia Bey featured on GaptoothDiva Radio

Also Featuring Founder of Virginia’s Community 50/50, ZeeBey

Community 50/50, Inc. was founded in August 2009, based on the urgent need to address our youth’s thinking process and to promote youth to make positive choices about their life, to impact healthy growth/ development and a positive future. Community 50/50, Inc. started with a five member team of individuals who work together in the community and residential facilities with at risk youth. Through our direct contact with youth and their families we observed firsthand the need for support present in our neighborhoods. With our innovative programming and passion to help, we hope to bring about significant change in our communities and revitalize the idea that it “takes a village to raise a child”, but this will only be accomplished if we get the adults in the community actively involved.


Tonight 6/23 at 9pm EST.

LISTEN LIVE (click here): 


CALL IN LIVE (646) 378-0442

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