If you missed the Almost Famous Showcase and you claim to be a real VA Hip Hop Head, please smack yourself in the jaw! No just kidding, that’s why I covered the event – to share all the motivational creativity and true ish with you.

From the moment I walked into H.A.N.D (Have a Nice Day Café), I could hear the sounds of people being blessed by the lyrical prowess of an artist passionate about putting his ideals on the audience. The engagement of an artist and a captivated group of people is like a battle, words being spewed to individuals holding on to punch lines, similes, and metaphors. Everyone desperate to not allow a single great quote fly past their judgmental heads. It’s beautiful, although the artist wants to get a point across, they can only do it in their own way. You either get it or you don’t. Yesterday, was a day… we got it all.

GaptoothDiva covers Almost Famous Showcase ft. Ms. proper and Artik Phreeze #RVA                                                                        GaptoothDiva covers Almost Famous Showcase ft. Ms. proper and Artik Phreeze #RVA

I couldn’t fathom a negative thing to say, except I really wanted to see that freestyle cipher that was promised. However, with so much “ill ass goodness” thrown at me during this event, I almost forgot it was supposed to happen.

From Destiny Da Chef, saying “I’m broke now, but you’ll get the last laugh..” to Kleos making an announcement before his set that his passion and love for what he does made him come straight from work to perform… I was inspired.

I laughed and enjoyed High Skool Heroz’s lyrics and musings about “splitting” on a chick like a banana, and I threw up middle fingers in the air when Artik Phreeze said, “F*ck your swag!”. I felt alive. The music , the words, the performers were all speaking a language that I could understand and identify with. Often times life makes us older than we have to be, thinking everything is supposed to be said like the masses want, but yesterday I said fuck that. Yesterday, I felt almost famous.

The crowd was trying hard to resist the urge to not get up and dance and be motivated. Everyone wants to be cool and not look like a groupie. But the true fans forget that they’re even there, standing up against the stage while singing every lyric right along with the performer. By the end the showcase, no one was really sitting down anymore.

I must admit that for every performer, I can’t say I knew all the words to their songs. However, I can say for the ones that I didn’t, they have just gained a new fan. It’s not a bandwagon type of situation, even if you want to… it just want feel organic. These people that got on the stage yesterday, had a way of transforming into your voice, only the parts that you have unspoken. As I sit here and write this… I’m amazed at how much attention they took from the sweltering heat inside the club, or that I didn’t look at the time not even once while I was there.

Every performer from T-Money & B.A.S.Squad to the last feature of the evening, the infamous Ms. Proper of So Proper Entertainment … I heard every raw emotion that I could identify with through their lyrics. Every smart ass comment or feeling that you don’t always convey was displayed on stage and made me want to jump up and scream “ME TOO!”.

Mr. Oh Yeah co-hosted with Ms. Proper and even he had the energy required to get the job done. For an event that had it’s bumps and issues, you couldn’t tell it. Yes there was a fashion show promised, but who was thinking about a fashion show with all that incredible talent on the stage. Ok, GaptoothDiva was thinking about a fashion show, LOL. But I quickly forgot about it when every performer came on and gave the audience 100% of what they had to give.

Supporters clapped, they sang, they laughed, and screamed in support of lyricist that have identified their feelings and put it against some of the hardest beats I’ve ever heard. So much emotion and love for self-expression conveyed through music, the people could only wish they too had this talent.

Overall, the Almost Famous Showcase was a hit.

I was so proud to have been their capturing the atmosphere of several hungry, dedicated, and talented professional young people not fearing judgment or persecution for their words. All deserving the respect and acknowledgment of the audience they speak towards. It was amazing to have witnessed this, and I can only pray they do it again and again.

You can’t say you love hip hop, rap, or even RVA if you don’t come out to events like this. Stepping outside the realm of what is expected of you and diving head first into what you really want, this is what life is all about. In my journey of self-realization it’s not often I’m surrounded by people feeling and thinking just like me. Yesterday at the showcase it was different. I was surrounded by a bunch of people who were exactly like me. Everyone was almost famous and just wanted to be heard.

Whether they wanted to or not, the audience heard it all. It was amazing!

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  1. Hi Lara, thanks for vistiing my blog. This is the first time I’m doing this blog hop. I’ve liked you on FB, follow you on Twitter and GFC. Thanks for doing the same for me! I look forward to reading more of your blog


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