On Friday, I went to two events that really made me think about a lot of things. We live in a world that makes us believe that we have to survive without any though about really living. Yes, we all are alive, but like the Nicki Minaj songs suggest, we all aren’t actually living. We have gotten so caught up in bills, responsibility, family obligation, and everything else, that we often neglect what really makes us happy. We have neglected so many of the small things in life that make us happy, that we haven’t discovered more ways to turn what makes us happy into what keeps us happy. I decided to share what I felt at these two events with you all in the hopes that I can change some of your mindsets into finding and creating more amazing moments in your life.

#NoDaysOff Mixtape Release Party at Meet Yo TweetThe first event was of course, Ms. Proper’s Mixtape release party at Visions Ultra Lounge in Richmond, Virginia. During Yoshiko Ent’s Meet Yo Tweet amazing and FREE networking party, Ms. Proper came in with her signature cute ensemble that fits her perfectly, her pressed white button up with tie and denim jeans. Surrounded by all of the people that work with her, support her, and enjoy her music, she was emotionally on top of the world.

I remember talking with her about her new project, her humble attitude said to me that this was only the beginning, I tried to refrain from discussing just how much her new mixtape affected me. It wasn’t based on anything negative. It actually was the total opposite. This mixtape was the most positive thing for hip-hop, for females, for the industry, and for Richmond, Virginia in a while. I refrained from telling her this because I wanted to hear what she thought about what she has done. At the end of the day, it’s her creation, it’s her feelings, and her work. My opinion or anyone else’s doesn’t matter, especially if she’s happy and content with the product she put out. Confidence and swag is not something this Femcee lacks, so to see her elated and jubilant about this experience in her life, motivated me.

I also didn’t want to display my obvious admiration for her and her brand. It’s something about favoritism that makes me uncomfortable, but when you got it – you got it. I was destined to hear this mixtape because after listening to it, I saw some things in my life I wanted to change. She told the bad with the good, and it didn’t change the way I saw her. It changed the way I saw life. When you’re that passionate about something, the end result will always be positive. Maybe not to every single person on the earth, that’s what tomorrow is for. I just want to keep touching a different life everyday, without fear or the feeling of being self-conscious ( BTW: Self-Conscious is my favorite track off the album).

When you know Ms. Proper as I have gotten to know her, you see that there is so much determination inside. She’s not fronting for the masses to get more exposure. She’s not buckling under the pressures of trying to be something she is not, to gain acceptance. She knows who she is and what she loves and she is chasing it down full speed. She only keeps loyal people around her. She only deals with people who have only the best intentions for her brand. However, with all the work and promotion required to keep her busy, she stills maintains great relationships with her fans, her colleagues, and her phenomenal girlfriend, Angie B.

She’s doing what she loves and she made it work for her. I could almost bet that if the game got too ugly for her to deal with, she wouldn’t give up. She would just re-create it. That’s the kind of attitude that people should be inspired by. She’s not talking about how much money she has, or that every dude/chick wants to get into bed with her. She doesn’t boast about selling drugs or being wasted 24/7. She’s a motivator, moving people from haters to game-changers one lyric at a time. If you’re not into hip-hop music, or maybe even independent artist. It’s time you took a listen to #NoDaysOff by Ms. Proper of So Proper Entertainment. It’s time to change your mind.

Tamir Rock's Art Show at Popkins TavernThe second event, Tamir Rock’s art showcase at Popkins Tavern in Downtown Richmond, Virginia was awesome. I was severely inspired by this event because most of you know Tamir Rock as a huge hip hop artist in the 804 area. His concerts and shows ignite the crowd to move and his music (My favorite song “Mi Amore”) takes artistry to another level. However, as I tweeted the day of the event, it isn’t just lyrics with this dude.

Walking into a gallery wouldn’t have done this event any justice. Popkins Tavern was the perfect place to showcase his work, as Tamir was surrounded by loving family and friends. Talking with his father and mother, I could see that the projects that he is currently working on inspires them as well.

As Tamir was running around, giving love to everyone that came out to support him, I asked which piece was his favorite. He stated, “They are like my children, I don’t have a favorite.” I laughed, because we all know that even our parents have favorites, but they’ll never tell, so neither would he.

If you were there, you would have been motivated by his ability to create another lane for himself. Yes, he is fantastic at rapping and creating music that we all can enjoy. However, there is another outlet for him to move people, is artwork. It’s something so soulful about a person who can translate his or her feelings unto a canvass, that we can take home. I wish I had the money to buy one of the pieces that really stood out for me. I know for a fact it would look so hot in my living room, but I digress. Imagine taking home a piece of actual artwork that you can display to your friends and family that represents a period in your favorite hip hop artist’s life. Nas and Jay-Z don’t have any shadowboxes on eBay, that I know about. I digress again.

The point is that so many of us, find what we are good at and never think to expand. Ok, so you’re great at baking cakes, but then what. Everyday there will be someone that sees what you are doing and think they can do it better. Everyday, people want to be touched in a different way. Sticking to what you’re good at is great for the beginning. But after a while, everyone is looking for something new and interesting to be inspired from. Tamir did that with his artwork, whether that was his intention of not. His release of emotions and experiences on a canvass, probably moved some other people to pick up a brush, or a camera, or some other medium to express themselves as well. Now after years have passed, and the music is still playing, he will have more than one way to put his finger print on the world. Years from now, our children can listen to his music and enjoy his work, inspiration times two! I love it. Does that mean he’ll stop rapping, hopefully NOT. This only means that you have more than one way to support him and get to know his work. By creating an additional outlet of self-expression, he appeals to those who don’t listen to his music, to those looking for more out of him, and to those who appreciate the new art form that he is using. By making something for everyone, we learn to not only love the brand, but we are even more susceptible to supporting it than ever before.

Thanks to Tamir Rock for putting out these great pieces. The show was amazing!

Be inspired and motivated by these two artist, just like I did.

Follow Ms. Proper at

www.twitter.com/MsProper or @MsProper

Follow Tamir Rock at www.twitter.com/TamirRock or @TamirRock

For more inspiration and motivation follow me on www.twitter.com/GaptoothDiva or @GaptoothDiva

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