Often times I look at artwork and it moves me or it does not. I see paintings, designs and sculptures, in ways that may irritate most people. Like does it look good on a t-shirt? However, when I went on this artist’s website and saw what he was capable of creating, I felt compelled to share it with you. After all, isn’t art inspirational?

 Allow me to introduce you to Tony Nero of www.tonynerobrushworks.com

 Tony Nero featured on GaptoothDiva.comTony Nero began his journey of art from the Caribbean island of St Vincent, where as a child his natural talents were realised. While he attended secondary school in London, his passion for art grew and he was encouraged by his art teachers.
Tony whose brushworks are Vibrant & diverse works in various different medium such as pencils, charcoal, pastels, oils, water colour and stipple-dot drawings. He is quite at home when working in either of these mediums. With the majority of his skills being self taught he also undertook formal training in the fine arts at the London Guildhall University there he developed a specialised technique in abstract oil paintings.

Tony Nero featured on GaptoothDiva.comTony is also trained as a graphic designer, and worked in the music industry producing record sleeves, posters and magazines for a period that exceeded 20 years. Part of this time spent running his very own graphic studio. Tony has also produced graphic works and artistry for charitable purposes. This includes the Peterborough Environment Week 2005 leaflet, which was produced for Peterborough City Council, Cambridgeshire. His work has been displayed at the former Peterborough Art House and is held in homes and private collections across the Caribbean, Spain, France, UK, Kenya and New York. Some of his works hang in the corridor and offices of the Marie Lloyd Day Care Centre, Hackney Council, London. In addition, the Millennium Centre in Peterborough.

 In November 2006 “Waiting to Prey”, the oil painting which depicts the glorious Golden eagle, was shown in the South Holland open arts competition and exhibition, in Spalding.

 His first solo exhibition was in June 2008 here in Peterborough and he has been showing with the Peterborough Artists Open Studios for three years now. In January 2009 he received a commended certificate for one of his paintings and earlier this year, one of his paintings, ‘Majestic’, was voted joint second place in the public vote, at the South Holland Open arts exhibition.

 Since 2007, Tony has been working on a collection of Black Heroes portraits, which has been shown in and around the UK. And in January 2009 The National Portrait Gallery in London said that they would print out the images and keep for their research files in their Archive and Library. In January 2010 the Malcolm X and Martin Luther King’s images were used to promote a production called The Meeting by a theatre company, ‘Inspiration Inc, Arts in the Community’, in Dallas, Texas.

 As well as showing in a few local schools, his most recent exhibitions were ‘Pieces of a Dream’ at Stamford Arts Centre and ‘Extracts of me’, in London and currently showing with the Peterborough Open Studios and in Harriets’ Gallery. He is now working on some new materials for Black History Month and looking forward to taking part in BH Live at Wembley Stadium. As well as working with ‘The Artist Alley’, in San Francisco.

 Tony stated that it all began with a pencil and now look at what he creates. Pursuing your dreams is just a matter of perseverance and faith. Getting through the struggles of not having and focusing on the beauty of what makes you happy. Creating ideas, thoughts, and art that speak to your desires and your inner truth. Every painting that I saw on Tony’s website, made me feel like I was there during the creative process and I watched him give birth to it all. If your ideas and your thoughts evoke emotion… that is when you know you are doing something you love.

 Check out his website www.tonynerobrushworks.com

Follow him on Twitter, @ArtofTonyNero

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  1. Great accolade to my main man T.
    I to feel the passion in his work and agree with your findings.
    Stay blessed Pc x


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