Where in the world can you walk into a nightclub holding 95% females and feel the support of family and friends, while you sing and dance your heart out? If you said nowhere but heaven, you would’ve been right. However, on July 13th, I had the chance to host one of the hottest all females showcases in Richmond, Virginia, The Pevolution: Ladies Showcase!

It was a spectacular evening filled with Hip-Hop, Gospel, R&B, Rock/Jazz, Spoken Word, and even Comedy. Richmond, Virginia is saturated with raw talent and these women were not afraid to show it off that night. This event was all thanks to Pink Lady Promotions, Tameka Pleasants. Her goal was to provide an outlet for women to not only display their God-given talents but also support and empower other women in their own style. The support and empowerment was truly evident. Grown women came to me and mentioned how motivated and inspired they were to not only support other women, but also pursue their individual dreams.

Of course, if you have been following me for a while, you already know that this is my type of party. It was important to me that people didn’t just view this as a female showcase. As the Host, I wanted them to gain some perspective on just how it feels to not just watch your fellow woman give the crowd her all, but to give her all the praise and accolades she needs to feel confident enough to continue on her journey in finding her purpose. I started the show saying; I was going to point out any haters not giving the love that I felt each performer deserves. I hadn’t met most of the performers before the show, but after everything was complete, it felt like family in that nightclub to me. Women shared their stories and testimonies in an effort to motivate each other, people networked and exchanged numbers, and we all laughed and brought joy to each other. No one even thought about the fact that before 7pm, we never even knew the other existed.

There aren’t many events where that empowering energy is in the air. I don’t know if it’s the season or what, but I’m so proud of the women that attended the event that night. We even had women come out of the crowd wanting to release their gifts on the audience, and the crowd was more then willing to see more. I remember when Tameka asked me to host the event I had some small concerns. I was worried about there being a tough crowd, it’s the middle of the week, and Richmond women are sometimes known for being a little hard on other women. All my concerns were laid to rest when I made it clear we were about inspiration and having fun, and the crowd responded, letting me know that’s what they paid for.

Every performer came with their diverse brand of inspiration from the soulful, to the lyrical, and the party girl attitude to the funny girl swag. The Canal Club was on fire with passionate women, all in love with the idea of sisterhood and respect. During the intermission, a few people demanded that we do it again and again, and I couldn’t agree more, it truly was remarkable. I haven’t felt energy like that from a pack of grown women in a long time, and that right there is saying a lot.

Tameka ended the show by delivering beautiful roses to all the women that performed, even the lovely one from the crowd. She gave her heartfelt appreciation to those involved in the process and promised everyone it would happen again.

People left with tears, saying they felt emotionally moved by the display of togetherness and the actual beauty and talent from the stage. I felt it too, but you know I was not about to cry, with these lashes on my face. I digress. LOL. After the show I was totally amplified and excited, I raced to my mother’s house. I just needed to spread love to the women of the world. Since it was almost 11:30 pm, my mother was the only one who was going to allow me to wake her up with that mushy-girly craziness.

It was a wonderful opportunity, and if given again I would jump on it just to experience that feeling of maybe we really can change the world and run it. One woman at a time.

I’m posting a Youtube video very soon of the footage from the show, so be sure to subscribe to my channel (www.youtube.com/gaptoothdiva) to get the latest of The Baddest Creative Motivation.

Love ya xoxo

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