Here at, I pride myself on my ability to be open minded and accepting of diverse groups of people. However, I feel there are certain things that we shouldn’t have to actively caution ourselves to accept, it should be something organic and natural. I feel that race, gender, class, and sexual orientation aren’t things we should have to program our brains to accept, it should be a given. Although that is how I would love the world, that is not how our realities are. So pioneers such as J.C. Knudson, are forced to write books to give the world a different perspective on how to be more accepting of different people, especially those in the LGBT community. I couldn’t be more proud and excited to talk with him tonight and discuss how his efforts and the efforts of many others are finally bringing everyone together in an effort to abolish hate.

Joe knudson featured on GaptoothDiva.comJoseph “J.C.” Knudson is an author on a mission to educate the world’s population about understanding and accepting people who are gay. His first book, a memoir, is called Living the Difference (2010, Espresso House Publishing). Its subtitle is “An Enlightening Story Revealed For People of All Ages, Straight or Gay.”

Editorial reviews of Knudson’s book call Living the Difference “a fascinating journey no gay author has been able to capture to date,” “conquering the final frontier of bigotry and ignorance,” and “filled with love, hate, joy, sorrow and much more.”

Living the Difference also turned up on Vonnie Faroqui’s book blog,

Writers in the Sky. Faroquai calls the memoir “remarkably under-sensationalized,” praising Knudson’s honest storytelling style that leaves the reader to draw his or her own conclusions. She mentions how Living the Difference lifts the curtain on the so-called “gay lifestyle,” revealing a human portrait that resonates regardless of gender or sexual orientation. It’s a portrait of success, of meaning, and of hope.

From Faroquai’s description, Living the Difference seems to be an important resource for young gay men living with fear, shame or self-loathing; or for anyone coming to terms with a friend or family member’s coming out. Knudson, it seems, told his story not to shock, offend or “convert” anyone, but simply to lay out a roadmap for acceptance. The book lights a candle against the darkness of ignorance.

The podcast of J.C.’s recent interview with Vonnie Faroqui, along with direct links to his book, can be found at

Featuring Music by Featured Artist of The Day, Michael Millions

Michael Millions featured on GaptoothDiva.comMichael Millions is an American Rapper. Native of Richmond, Virginia; he’s an artist that truly believes in the craft of his work as his work ethic follows suit. Unlike many indie artists striving to be the ‘next big thing’, Michael’s passion does not lie in fame and fortune, but within the artistry that goes into each song/project and how it resonates with his listeners. Michael Millions’ music embodies not only who he is as a rapper, but who he is as an artist and a person.

As a 2005 alum of Norfolk State University, Michael studied Mass Communications with an emphasis on film. While literally reading his textbook from beginning to end, he discovered a new-found respect and appreciation for film and video production. While not a chosen path in career, his technical skill and conceptual ideas came to fruition earlier this year with the release of his first, self-directed, self-produced video, 2AM. Michael also directed and produced his EPK for The Color Purple, giving fans a mere glimpse of his wide range of skill-set.

Michael Millions featured on GaptoothDiva.comMichael Millions has emerged as a recognizable name on the indie hip hop scene in his city. His popularity, regionally and nationally, continues to grow as he delivers timeless projects under Purple Republic Music Group, such as his first EP, Ashes and Samples (2010) & his latest full-length release, The Color Purple (2011). His newest mix tape, Loose Change is available this summer, released on July 12, 2011.

Video: Michael Millions – Purple Sh*t prod. Namebrand Directed by Monsee’

The Color Purple Free Download link: 

Video: The Source Magazine Presents SweetNSour Cypher:

The Source Unsigned Hype Article:

Video: 2AM

Video: The Color Purple EPK


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