My first thought when I walked past the table was “Ooh, I hope I get to wear these someway – somehow”. I was standing near Zulane’s table of one of kind extra funky earrings at one of the rehearsals for Tropical Diva. It was a table congested with colorful and urban ear accessories; beautiful creations that any stylista would love and appreciate. I grabbed her card and made a promise to myself I would hit her up soon.

Zulane featured on
Photo courtesy of MayesImageWorks

Little did I know, a simple runway walk was what brought us face to face with one another. When asked to rehearse my walk at the hotel the day before the show, Ms. Tanisha Edghill also known as Zulane My Zuniverse was in the audience preparing for the show. She was a vendor and a designer displaying her work. Apparently, she loved the way I walked and decided to add me to her set. Being totally freaking excited, I immediately decided that not only was I going to walk in her scene but I was also going to feature her work on my site. Her exclusive and one of kind creations made me want to walk even harder down the runway, so I know you readers will love it. It reminds me of back home in Queens, back when women weren’t afraid to be super eccentric with their jewelry and style. Since I’m bald now, earrings and jewelry have to play my weave, so they have to be unique and creative. I believe Zulane has all that and more and I know you will too. I was so excited to feature her, I kind-of pulled out my “hood” side on another model for a pair of Zulane’s creations that I was planning to go home with. It was in the name of fashion, so please forgive me.

Zulane featured on
Photo courtesy of MayesImageWorks

Zulane says she makes her jewelry for the bold trendsetter not afraid to be different. Her jewelry making was initially a personal passion, her way of setting herself apart from other people. Tired of seeing women walking around in the same mundane and severely commercialized fashions that the mainstream forced upon us, she became a beacon. She is creating wearable art in the form of earrings, necklaces, and so much more. To just now find out this Mother Theresa of funky-fied plus size wonderfulness is right in my own backyard… makes me want to slap my momma! Where has she been all our lives? Thank God, she has finally decided to share her work with the world, because from small children to grown women, we all deserve this much creativity.

On a side note: When I walked down the runway with these earrings on I felt ultra fierce. No negative offense to the other designers in the fashion show. I liked them all. However, easily… she was my best scene ever. Wearing just a pair of earrings made me feel powerful and in charge, and that is no joke. It was amazing how quickly I forgot I had no hair. People were stopping for the next three days (yes, I wore them the next three days… hush) about these earrings and asking me who made them. I couldn’t wait anymore; the review was scheduled to go up on Friday. I wanted to share with you just how fantastic she is. Check her out and tell me what you think.

I love her tag line also, very empowering: “Welcome 2 my Zuniverse.. Accessory designer of a different kind…not saying I’m the best, but I’m the best.”

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Zulane on Facebook!/ZulaneEdghill 

Zulane on Twitter!/Zulane 

Check out her TrendyIndie Store – 

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