How many of you have witnessed the art of crochet, especially in the days of our grandmothers and aunts? Well, this artist takes it to another level of funky and eclectic styles with her crotchet designs and hand painted jewelry.

WildChild Dzigns Featured on GaptoothDiva.comI first met Jasmine Mills of Wild Child Dzigns at the Annual Spring Bada Bing Show here in Richmond, Virginia. She had a table full of her creative handmade apparel, earrings, and handbags. I couldn’t wait to meet her face to face, because prior to that I was introduced to her work through a friend. At a networking event with my home girl, Mareesa Dawn, I won a pair of Wild Child earrings and was so excited. The earrings were so cool, created by an equally cool chick.

WildChild Dzigns Featured on GaptoothDiva.comI had to share this online store with you because I’m very adamant about us taking advantage of handmade creations and buying one of a kind items from fierce creators such as Jasmine. When asked what inspired her, she said, “I am inspired by a lot of things including but not limited to color, textures, African culture and fashion, and people I run across everyday. I love people watching. I get excited when I see someone with a sense of style that sparks an idea in my mind.”

That is exactly why her designs are so awesome, by incorporating the inspirations that she sees she has developed clothing and accessories that are bold and unique just like the people who love to wear them.

WildChild Dzigns Featured on GaptoothDiva.comJasmine plans to do a lot to grow her business, she stated, “As far as future endeavors I look forward to getting my products in more boutiques. As it stands now I am working with two boutiques in California and hope to add several more to that list before it’s all said and done. I am also considering putting a stand on or near the VCU campus to offer some of my accessories and things (this is still up in the air though). Last but not least I am slowly branching out into different crafts like sewing and a tiny bit of jewelry making in an effort to offer more variety to my shop.”

Check out her online site and tell us what you think. Isn’t she amazing?

*As a special treat to you, she has offered to provide a 10% discount to #TeamGaptoothDiva orders until August 16th using the following code when they shop through her site (GaptoothDiva), so go to today! You won’t be disappointed.*

Facebook: http://!/WildChildDzigns

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