*Actual email received by a reader of www.GaptoothDiva.com:

“Name: NYC Plus Size Sensation



Hi, I just ran across this website, the thing is that I always wanted to be a plus size model, but now I’m 32, I live in NYC, and really want to do print modeling, like for a magazine or billboards, I’m from the fashion capital of the world, yet I do not know where to start, any suggestions? Thanks so much”

First off, congratulations on pinpointing what passion; then starting the process of going after your dream. The fact that you’re now 32 years old, should never be a reason or excuse. Now that you have determined what you want, it’s time to learn and work. The industry is very hard to break into, but once you start to get a few influential folks to pay attention, your work ethic and your professionalism will take you up from there.

One of the first things I would suggest, especially since you live in New York City, is research auditions and casting calls in your area. In most cities, this information isn’t just posted anywhere, so you will really need to do your homework. Check out your local Craigslist Advertisements (under talent, event, media, TV, etc.), there are many promotional companies, magazines, and clothing designers looking for plus size beauties to fill there pages and websites.

I would also set up an account with ModelMayhem.com, which is a premiere website connecting models with photographers, designers, stylist, make-up artist, and fashion show producers and publications. It’s an amazing way to promote you as a plus size model. Get some great photos taken (preferably by a professional or a person with professional equipment) and compete your profile. I would suggest that you really pick your pictures carefully, because they have a tendency to not accept your profile if they don’t like photos. They have to ensure that people are serious about their careers and not just setting up accounts all willy-nilly.

Now it’s time to start connecting with people in the industry that you want to work. Attend local events that you’ll look up via Google.com, Facebook, eventbrite, and through Twitter accounts of the people you follow. Use social media to find out what’s going on around you and make friends/follow the people that will help you get to where you want to be. Don’t let your ego stop you from getting a great opportunity. When you connect with someone, send them a message telling them who you are and what you’re trying to do. Attend modeling and fashion networking events, shows, and openings. I attended a fashion last year, just to support someone. A designer came from back stage to ask me if I would be interested in walking in the show based on how I looked in the audience. Opportunities are everywhere; you just always have to be ready.

Speaking of ready, take care of yourself and your looks. Women seem to think because they are a Plus Size Model they can eat and do what they want. Well, that is such a misconception. You still have to eat right, and exercise to prolong your career and maintain your natural beauty. Grab a friend and start working out and walking. Make sure you keep your face clean when you’re not out, and drink plenty of water. The industry wants the most bang for their buck, so if you are taking care of your physical appearance at all times, then they won’t have to spend so much on Photoshop and digital re-touching.

It’s not guaranteed that you’ll be the next Tocarra or Mia Amber, but you will book some very cool shows & print work if you put in the work. Surround yourself around people that can take your dream to new heights. Meet new connections and keep in contact. With phenomenal social media capabilities we have today, anyone can start pursuing their dreams in no time at all. Connecting with people in the industry, maintaining yourself and your attitude and going hard at each show no matter the size, you could very well be the next full figured sensation. I hope that when you do make it big… you won’t forget the diva. Lmao!

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