I always like to encourage crafters and jewelry makers to consider selling their art online to an international following. If you are truly talented, even if you only make a few pieces here and there, there are great potential earnings just waiting for you.

I discovered the cool Etsy.com shop of Beebles online while browsing for funky creations for the fashionista looking to get her name on something. Their creative tag designs are handmade by Allison Rohan. Her impeccable attention to detail and the youthfulness of her creativeness, made her shop stand out. All her designs immediately took my back to the 90’s era, where I was first introduced to my admiration for graffiti and tag art.

When I asked her what inspired her to start her business and what inspires each design, she responded by saying, “ I started my business after I had to end my career as a Massage Therapist due to a finger injury. I was in a position where I had to take the moment for self reflection and decide what I wanted to do next. I wanted to make sure it was something that was going to be personally satisfying and I was happy doing.

I wanted to go back to doing something creative, which is at my core and I wanted to follow my passion which is graffiti. I had the idea of my graffiti jewelry line TAGd by Beebles and opened a shop on Etsy. I started with necklaces, then added rings and then it went from there and I keep adding different pieces. I have a lot of pieces in my shop that are already made up, but I mainly do a lot of custom work. I let the customer pick what they want a piece to say and what colors they want. My customers inspire me so much, they have such creative ideas and I love working with them to make something unique for them.

On a personal level, for me what I do is my way of doing what the old school graffiti writers did on the trains. Their purpose in getting there name up on the trains was for people to see it where ever the train ran, you wanted to get your name up on as many trains and as many lines as you can. For me, in the medium that I am doing graffiti, people who wear my pieces are my trains and I have a lot of satisfaction that people are walking around in countries all over the world with my art on them; England, France, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Australia, Ethiopia!…I can’t help but trip sometimes thinking about that!”

That is exactly why she was chosen as a featured inspiration. It used to amaze me when I was younger, just how intricate graffiti designs would be on trains. The artist would include so much detail in his or her name that when I watched trains pass me, I would try to remember the names, hoping to see my favorite pieces again on another subway car.

What message does Allison want people to gain from her business?

“The message I want people to gain from my business is that it is all done with positive vibes and love for what I am doing. I am so grateful and feel so blessed that I have the ability to create something that someone else is interested in buying and wearing. The whole time I am making my pieces I am just trying to put positive energy into it and when that person is wearing it that the positive energy surrounds them. I am also 100% focused on working with my customer and giving them something they absolutely love.”

But with any endeavor you’re passionate about, there are many factors that come along with owning and operating your own business. I asked Allison if there are any tribulations that she is facing at the moment or had to overcome in the beginning of her launch.

“There has not been so much as obstacles to overcome but just understanding the decisions I had to make and sacrifices I had to make to do what I do. I had to make the realization that I was going to take on the starving artist life. I think the lifestyle change was welcomed though, it gets you past the material and I feel a sense of freedom from it. Its just about staying focused and doing the hard work of getting yourself out there.”

So what are great moments about what Beebles does?

“The greatest moments for me in my work are when I get amazing responses from my customers. Some people say the nicest things once they receive their item. It really is a confidence booster! I think working with my each of my customers is a great moment. Having that collaboration and then creating something for them, its a lot of fun. I’m blessed for it!”

I’m sure that you all are very inspired by Allison and her business Beebles, so what advice did she have for up and coming crafters and creators? Allison stated, “The advice I would give is to follow your passion, find the thing that makes you happy and don’t be afraid to go for it. If you do something where you have customers, be thankful that they want to do business with you, represent yourself well. Put work out there that is the best that you can do, and with that, always strive to be better and improve what you do.”

“Listen…that is so important, it makes things a lot easier if you listen to what your customer is saying…or even not saying. I have a lot of communication with my customers, I try to get as much detail as possible in what they want even if I have to have several correspondences with them. I do this most importantly because I don’t want to have to do something twice. And when the occasion comes about where you do have to do something twice…do it, even if it wasn’t your fault! That is what customer service is all about, you have to put the customer first. Sometimes it can be ups and downs, but you just have to believe in yourself, believe in your abilities, be passionate about what you do and rep yourself properly! Also whatever you do, do it while putting out positive energy. The Universe is collective and what we put out in it is the kind of world we live in. Peace”

“Less Hate….More Art….Spread The Word”

 – Beebles 

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Check her out and tell us what you think -> http://www.etsy.com/shop/beebles

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