From 9 pm on the dot, I was excited. It’s been a while since I walked into a room full of this much fire and I wanted to absorb it all. My timeline search was filled with people hype about the evening’s events. I was in a store earlier that day, listening to girly chatter about this occasion from two unsuspecting females buying outfits specifically for this evening. It was cool. No matter what happened tonight, RVA, The Camel, and every independent artist and fan, was about to make history.

Little by little, everyone came pouring into The Camel. Slapdash running this train, taking us on a ride filled with hip-hop, networking, and support of Richmond, Virginia’s finest. This is the music fest that I most identify with, and that’s why I am there. Kicking it with comrades and new friends alike, not wanting to miss a thing. I’m floating all over the place. Although tonight was all about the artist and the music, my specific goal was to focus on the fashion. We all know how talented most of these people are, from their music to their business ethic, but do you know how fashionable they are. It was no question that the creativity was in the building, and the people of RVA stepped out and highlighted their individuality. Fans and other bloggers alike flooded Broad Street with what looked like anticipation of a phenomenal show. I was one of them, jumping from person to person either catching up on old times, or introducing myself and making new friends. The only shade I heard of was from two people who couldn’t decide which one loved beer more, but even that didn’t stop the party.

I was introduced to some amazing people, that even if I tried I couldn’t forget. Personalities and business minds that gave me hope in RVA’s tomorrow, the future of our music and events. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else at that moment, still weak from all the laughter. We rang in a new era, of creative and captivated minds looking to connect and bond on a level that most not absorbed in this culture could understand. Was it real? Of course, because when I look at my new followers and friends, and still see people mentioning the awesomeness and madness, I can’t help but crack a smile. Can you remember standing on an empty street with GaptoothDiva until 3 o’clock in the morning recapping this experience, and vowing to create more just like it? I can, and always will. It was real, and it was fantastic. Therefore, while the other bloggers and media outlets tell you blow by blow of each performances detail, brag about the amazing T-shirts Grape Cloth was so cool to bring out, or about how homie fell into the trashcan after drinking too much. I will just smile this infamous gap tooth grin and simple reply, “You just had to be there”. Thanks to @CainMcoy for inviting me…. Hip-Hop Hooray!

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