Ami Miller Featured on GaptoothDiva RadioMeet Ami Miller! She goes by Dolla Not A Dime, Young Phenom, The Prissident, High Heels Highness, and Ouch Girl Ami! The Houston born and raised young woman has been rapping and writing songs since the age of 12. She grew up quite the opposite, enrolled in piano, acting, ballet, and etiquette classes. Ami made up her mind that she wanted to do music, recording her first song in the studio at 12 and performing in front of a large crowd at 13.

She entered and won countless competitions and talent shows. She has opened for a variety of artist, as well as headlined many shows. Her style is wide-ranged including rap, hip-hop, pop, R&B, rock and whatever she combines. Her specialty is freestyling! She appeared on BET’s 106th & Park’s Freestyle Friday several times making History as the first female ever to advance to the semi finals and the first number eight seed to beat a number 1 seed. By trending and setting records, she created the demand to battle all over the country.

She is NOT a battle rapper; she is an all around ENTERTAINER! Ami released her first album “Miller Time” on Itunes in 2008 and the released the highly anticipated mixtape, “Dolla Not A Dime” February 2011.She also has one of the hottest DJ’s in the south, Go Dj Boss! She is currently touring with Blaze the Stage.

Ami Miller Featured on GaptoothDiva RadioIn a class of her own, she is different and possesses a classy but young, fun girl image. She believes in sticking to her dreams and goals, never giving up, and plans to open acting schools throughout the country, as well as found her own label. Ami has been featured on various mixtapes, DVD’s, magazines, and television shows. She is also a trained actress! What is next for Ami Miller? The possibilities are endless and so is her work!


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