Community 50/50 featured on GaptoothDiva.comLast Saturday, we were lucky enough to have time to attend The Choice is Yours Workshop facilitated by Zenobia Bey and her team at Community 50/50. With our RockNAssist Initiative, it’s important that we not only shine light on our local entertainers and entrepreneurs, but also the selfless individuals who diligently work at improving our world and our communities. The Community 50/50 Team is definitely doing that.

By providing an open forum for young people to learn the five principles of hip-hop (DJ-ing, B-boying, (Dancing), MC-ing (Rapping), Graffiti (Art of Tagging), Knowledge), they are able to grasp the concept of music lyrics by their favorite artist and truly understand the meaning of what they are singing daily. It was an incredible experience to learn what really puts the world of hip-hop together. I felt this workshop was for all ages, not just the children. Truth be told, it would be extremely beneficial for some of these independent artist to attend, therefore learning the concept behind the industry that desperately calls out their names.

At this particular installment, Community 50/50 focused on teaching the lessons behind the music, telling us that ultimately the choice is ours. We discussed whether children are forced to absorb the ratchetness of today, because of the younger generation of parents sticking to certain rappers and their words. Being a parent myself, I’ve been blessed enough to not only introduce rap and hip-hop to my son, but also other genres such as rock, pop, blues, gospel, even oldies but goodies. By doing this, I’m allowing him to decide which tunes ignite a feeling of happiness to dance and let loose. Of course, he is really into pop and rap, but by attending this workshop, I can now explain to him the meaning behind most of these songs that he hears. I can’t think of anything better to bring him and I closer, but also allow room for a parent-child teaching dynamic.

Community 50/50 featured on GaptoothDiva.comIf you are a parent, no matter what age, whose children are immersed in the hip-hop culture, please take advantage of this great workshop. It’s free and you will learn a plethora of information that you can use in your day-to-day life. The children will also better understand the lyrics behind today’s music, and then grasp the concept of making better life decisions. Zenobia said it best, “We are breaking the songs down, so that kids can better understand the message behind it. It isn’t always bad or always good. However, the ultimate goal is to give them the option to choose whether this is the life they want to glorify or do they want to do the opposite”. As excited as I was to attend and see first hand the type of experience children would have, I was think I was more into then they were (that’s the big kid in me, lol).

Take part in this extraordinary opportunity and provide your children with insight beyond that of traditional radio and media. It’s a wonderful opportunity to speak openly about your concerns of today’s music and hip-hop culture, and teach your seeds at the same time. In addition, for those of you that need more convincing that this is a great thing… there is cake! Yeah, I thought that would wake you up.

Check out their website and support this Non-profit

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